actually run block the way Gary Ku

actually run block the way Gary Ku

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Five teams have already clinched playoff berths through Week 15 of the NFL season Deshaun Watson Jersey , and three more will on Sunday, if everything goes as expected.The Chiefs and Chargers have both clinched playoff berths in the AFC, while the Saints, Rams and Bears have all clinched their divisions in the NFC. If every favored team wins in Week 16, three more teams will clinch:Patriots: Clinch the AFC East with a home win over the Bills. New England is a 13-point favorite.Cowboys: Clinch the NFC East with a home win over the Buccaneers. Dallas is a 7-point favorite.Texans: Clinch a playoff berth if the Ravens lose to the Chargers on Saturday. Los Angeles is a 4.5-point favorite over Baltimore. (The Texans would clinch the AFC South with a win, but they’re 1-point underdogs at Philadelphia.)Other teams can clinch playoff berths this week, including the Steelers, Seahawks and Vikings, but they all need some upsets. If form holds, we’ll have eight playoff spots set and four playoff spots still open heading into Week 17. At least once a season, the media will identify a team that’s “one or two players away from winning it all.” At a surface level glance, it might be easy to think that team hails from the great city of Houston Zach Cunningham Jersey , Texas. In fact, for a lot of teams, having a franchise quarterback, future Hall of Fame wide receiver, quality running back, one or more great edge rushers, and a hand full of other top flight playerswould mean that one or two key additions could put them over the top. Let’s take a quick look at the Houston Texans’ roster... ...just to see if it passes muster. Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, Lamar Miller - these guys could easily fulfill the old “triplets” of a quarterback, running back, and receiver combo to lead an offense to the promised land. J.J. Watt, Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus - while Whitney didn’t do much to pad his resume this past year Lonnie Johnson Houston Texans Jersey , this is arguably one of the most lethal pass rushing trios in the NFL. Will Fuller V, Tyrann Mathieu, Kareem Jackson - if all three stay healthy in 2019, expect each to be Player of the Week at least once, if not multiple times. While none are true superstars, each can contribute to the W column for sure. With all those players, and a hand full of other solid guys, Houston seems like it could be set. But wait.What about...The offensive line - a unit some homers seem to be defending as “not that bad” gave up more sacks last season than any team should give up in two years. The cornerbacks - the injury bug didn’t just bite these guys; it chowed down. Even fully healthy, none of these players were going to make the cover of Sports Illustrated as a game-changer. The running backs - Sure, Lamar Miller can be produce (imagine him in this system behind an offensive line that can actually run block the way Gary Kubiak’s Texans did), but behind him the light turns off pretty quickly. Knowing that Houston has finite prospects in free agency, whittled down even further by scheme fit Lonnie Johnson Jersey 2019 , character, and the preferences of those players as to where they want to move their families, plus a finite number of draft picks that are often hit or miss, where should Brian Gaine focus? Is there one area in particular where Gaine can’t afford to whiff ? One position he has to crush? Next season’s schedule doesn’t appear as favorable for Houston as2018’s. Tack on a recently announced trip to play the Jacksonville Jaguars in London, and things get trickier. With Houston’s inability to not lose multiple key players to injury every year, they need to focus on depth. This brings us to the question of the day:If you needed to put all your eggs in one positional basket, where would you go all in?Offensive tackle?Cornerback? Best player available? With more and more and more mock drafts coming out, and a growing list of potential free agents to target, Gaine and the Texans’ couting team have their work cut out for them. As a graduate of ACU (Arm Chair University) so do you. Give us your targets in the comments - then we’ll see who should earn the title of Ultimate Arm Chair General Manager.
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Re: actually run block the way Gary Ku

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