behind the tenth-place Patriots. That’s great o

behind the tenth-place Patriots. That’s great o

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Matt LaFleur is stepping into an interesting situation in his first gig as a head coach.The new Green Bay Packers boss (well Womens Kyler Fackrell Jersey , not official as we write this, but soon enough), inherits one of the best quarterbacks in the game (when healthy) in Aaron Rodgers, a Pro Bowl receiver in Davante Adams and a young, up-and-coming defense.More Packers coverage from FOX Sports WisconsinPackers at Bears to open 2019 scheduleTop Tweets: Brewers make hilarious ‘Mean Girls’ parody videoMatthews signs with Rams after 10 years with PackersPackers re-sign tight end Marcedes LewisTop Tweets: Nikola Mirotic loves being a Milwaukee BuckBut also a Packers team which has missed the postseason the past two seasons and fan base hungry for a return and not thrilled at the prospect of a third straight year without a rooting interest in the playoffs (that is, beyond rooting against Chicago or Minnesota).To do so, LaFleur will be going against Packers history.No first-year Green Bay head coach has led the team to the playoffs in his initial year at the helm. As in ever. Not Curly Lambeau. Not Vince Lombardi. Not Mike Holmgren. No one.Interestingly, only five had a better record in his first season with the Packers than the previous season, and two of those just meant getting three and four wins that initial year. However, each of the past two Green Bay head coaches did improve the team’s record in his first year.PACKERS HEAD COACHES, FIRST YEARCOACHYEARPREV1ST YROVERALLPLAYOFFSCurly Lambeau1921n/a3-2-1209-104-218*Gene Ronzani19502-103-914-31-10Lisle Blackbourn19542-9-14-817-310Ray McLean19584-81-10-11-10-10Vince Lombardi19591-10-17-589-29-46Phil Bengston19689-4-16-7-120-21-10Dan Devine19716-84-8-225-27-41Bart Starr19756-84-1052-76-31Forrest Gregg19848-88-825-37-10Lindy Infante19885-9-14-1224-400Mike Holmgren19929-79-775-376Ray Rhodes199911-58-88-80Mike Sherman20008-89-757-394Mike McCarthy20064-128-8125-77-29* – Includes championships won before there was a playoff systemOf course, none of this means LaFleur can’t lead the Packers to the playoffs in 2019. A look around at the current NFL coaches shows that while it’s not common for a first-year head coach to lead his team to the postseason, it isn’t like it’s never happened.Two coaches who were in their first year this season led their team to the playoffs. The same in 2017. Others have led their team to the playoffs in subsequent seasons (probably one reason they are still head coaches in the NFL; we aren’t including those fired after the 2018 season).Keep in mind that Muhammad Wilkerson Jersey , of course, circumstances can help or hurt a first-year coach. For example, Drew Brees joined the Saints in 2006 and Andrew Luck was healthy in 2018 after missing all of the previous season, while on the flip side Jon Gruden and the Raiders dealt away some key players this year.But — and good news here, Packers fans — generally speaking teams improved in the first year under the active head coaches. OK, not Bill Belichick, but we think things have still turned out pretty well for New England.CURRENT NFL HEAD COACHES, FIRST YEAR WITH TEAMCOACHTEAMYEARPREV1ST YRBill BelichickPatriots20009-7*8-8Sean PaytonSaints20063-1310-6*Mike TomlinSteelers20078-810-6*John HarbaughRavens20085-1111-5*Pete CarrollSeahawks20105-117-9Jason Garrett**Cowboys20116-108-8Ron RiveraPanthers20112-146-10Andy ReidChiefs20132-1411-5*Bll O’BrienTexans20142-149-7Jay GrudenRedskins20143-134-12Mike ZimmerVikings20145-10-17-9Dan QuinnFalcons20156-108-8Doug PedersonEagles20167-97-9Sean McDermottBills20177-99-7*Doug Marrone***Jaguars20173-1310-6*Anthony LynnChargers20175-119-7Sean McVayRams20174-1211-5*Kyle Shanahan49ers20172-146-10Frank ReichColts20184-1210-6*Mike VrabelTitans20189-7*9-7Jon GrudenRaiders20186-104-12Pat ShurmurGiants20183-135-11Matt NagyBears20185-1112-4*Matt PatriciaLions20189-76-10* — Made playoffs** — Garrett took over as interim coach midway through the 2010 season and went 5-3. He had the interim tag taken away after the season.*** — Marrone took over in the final two games of the 2016 season and went 1-1. He had the interim tag taken away after the season. As I was looking through Football Outsiders’ numbers today to get ready for Sunday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots, a few things caught my eye. Most significant is the fact that the two teams are separated by just one spot in the DVOA rankings for the season to this point.That difference got me looking deeper to see what differences are present and whether they can explain why the Packers sit at .500 after seven games while the Patriots are 6-2. In short, New England has been a better team overall this year, but the Pats certainly aren’t better by enough that one would expect them to finish 250 points higher in winning percentage over a full season than the Packers.Here’s what I found for the two teams.Packers’ offense vs. Patriots’ defenseGreen Bay’s offense ranks sixth in the NFL in DVOA at +13.4%, while the Patriots’ defense is 16th at -0.6%. There should be room to move the ball through the air despite the Packers’ 13th-place passing offense, as the Patriots rank 19th in that area.Expect Davante Adams in particular to have another big game this week. The Patriots rank 26th against opposing #1 receivers. They are also near the bottom in covering running backs Womens Kyle Murphy Jersey , sitting 25th, which suggests a good day for Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams in the passing game as well. Green Bay would do well to call the occasional screen pass or try to get Jones on some wheel routes out of the backfield.However, the Pats are very good against other receivers, ranking 11th against #2s, 4th against all “other” wide receivers, and 7th against tight ends. Look for the Packers to attack Jason McCourty and Jonathan Jones on the left side of the Pats’ defense in particular as well, as New England ranks 28th on passes to the left (the offense’s right) but in the top five on passes in the middle and to the right.In the run game, the Patriots rank 9th, while the Packers’ rushing attack ranks fourth on this per-attempt metric. Running behind right tackle Bryan Bulaga may be a mistake, as the Pats rank first in the league on runs off right tackle (where left defensive end Trey Flowers usually lines up). They’re below-average everywhere else, however. That’s probably fine for the Packers, though, who rarely ever run that direction (only 5.3% of attempts this year have been charted as right tackle runs).Patriots’ offense vs. Packers’ defenseThe Patriots’ offense is almost a reverse of the Packers’ Womens Za'Darius Smith Jersey , as New England ranks fourth in passing offense and 14th in rushing. Meanwhile, Green Bay ranks 17th and 24th, respectively on defense.Like the Pats, the Packers are iffy against #1s, with a 25th-place ranking. However, they’re also 20th against #2 wideouts while coming in just above league-average against all other players in coverage. Of course, keeping tabs on running back James White is a challenge for anyone; as a result, the Packers will almost certainly see more than the 5.4 attempts per game that their opponents average to running backs, which is the lowest mark in the NFL.In the run game, look for New England to run between the tackles a great deal, as their line ranks second in DVOA when doing so. It may be a surprise to see that the Packers’ front sits 30th against runs up the middle, given the talent on the defensive line.OVERALLIn summation, the Packers are 11th in total DVOA Bart Starr Jersey , one spot behind the tenth-place Patriots. That’s great on its face, and it suggests that the teams are pretty closely matched. However, the numbers also indicate that there are tiers in place, with teams ranked 6-10 being a step ahead of those from 11-14, which are in turn lumped pretty closely together). The difference between the Patriots and the 6th-place Seahawks is closer (2.3%) than the difference between them and the Packers (3.6%), while Green Bay is closer to 14th-place Miami (2.4%) than to New England.(Also notable is that half of the difference between the two teams is a result of the Packers’ inferior performance on special teams this season.)Those tiers could help explain why one team is 6-2 and the other is 3-3-1, especially since there does not appear to be a large difference in the teams’ schedule strengths, though the Packers have played a slightly tougher schedule. Still, Football Outsiders’ projections for the remainder of the season show the Packers going .567 the rest of the way and the Pats being a .613 team (based on future opponents). Projecting those winning percentages over a full 16-game schedule would result in just one win of separation between the two. All told, this game very well could and should be a close contest.
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Re: behind the tenth-place Patriots. That’s great o

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