wait and see what he does in 2019?Why not make sure he stay

wait and see what he does in 2019?Why not make sure he stay

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It’s Franchise Tag time in the NFL."The 2019 NFL offseason unofficially begins today Jose Altuve Jersey , because today teams can franchise tag players. If you don’t know what that means, the franchise tag keeps a player on a roster via a one-year contract at a high salary. If you want more information, you can get it here. Team’s have until March 5th to use their tag if they choose to do so. Choosing to use the franchise tag is an integral decision for the Houston Texans this offseason. Star defensive end, and a player I liked to call the best run stopping defensive end in the game, Jadeveon Clowney, is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent after playing out the entirety of his rookie contract. Houston can try to re-sign him to a mega contract—the type that pays him out $20 million a year over five years—or they can ensure he stays in Houston for the 2019 season by tagging him and then re-signing him later in the offseason or sticking with him on a one-year deal and revisiting the decision next offseason. Each choice has its advantages. If the Texans give Clowney big money and a multi-year contract now, they can do it with a front-loaded deal while they have the cap space and Deshaun Watson on a rookie contract. If the Texans tag Clowney, it gives them insurance that he can’t run away and play for the Indianapolis Colts (at least in 2019).If the Texans use the franchise tag on Clowney and keep him on a one-year contract Ryan Griffin Jersey , it ensures Houston won’t get burned by a player with the injury history Clowney has, even if it is one that hasn’t been an issue the last three seasons. Additionally, a $17 million dollar cap hit, the estimated cost for defensive ends that get tagged, isn’t a big deal for a team with over $70 million in cap space. I think I know what I would do. What would you do, loyal reader? Do you think the Texans will use their franchise tag to keep Clowney around for at least one more year? Clowney was franchise tagged, but that isn’t the end of this."Today is the franchise tag deadline. Jadeveon Clowney was tagged by the Texans yesterday; the league designated him as a defensive end (though the Texans may try to argue later that Clowney is more of an outside linebacker, which would lower the amount he gets via the tag). Clowney is currently set to make $17.12 million this upcoming season by way of the franchise tag. The idea here is that Houston has until July 15th to negotiate a long-term contract with Clowney; if they don’t succeed in getting him to agree to a multi-year deal Arian Foster Jersey White , Houston has him for at least the 2019 season without having to worry about him playing somewhere else. Tagging Clowney was necessary. As Aaron Wilson recently reported, the Texans and Clowney are nowhere close on a long term contract:There are two ways to look at this. Houston may want to take their time with negotiations to wait and see how the rest of their offseason, especially in free agency, plays out. How much money the Texans have or don’t have available after free agency comes to an end may affect their desire to pay Clowney more now to front load a long-term contract. This could be Houston just wanting to get everything else set in place for 2019, to see where Clowney’s contract fits in after the rest of the roster is put together. Once the rest of the roster becomes clearer, they can go all in on making Clowney a center piece of this team. Or there’s another possibility.Namely, that the Texans don’t see Clowney as worth paying the kind of money it’d take to lock him up for multiple seasons right now. They may not want to give him $20+ million per year after he’s failed to have a ten sack season and has battled injury issues. As great as Clowney is, he still hasn’t fully put it together as an edge rusher. Why not wait and see what he does in 2019?Why not make sure he stays healthy for another year?Why not wait to see if his pass rush improves before going all in and making him a franchise cornerstone? In Wilson’s piece above Brandon Dunn Jersey White , Gaine stated Houston is looking towards coming to a long-term agreement with Clowney:It’s impossible to say what Houston is truly looking to do until more information has been released. I’m assuming they’ll sign Clowney to a long-term deal that’s less than what Mack and Donald received; I think it’ll happen right before training camp begins. If it doesn’t, be on the lookout for Clowney to sit out portions of training camp and preseason, which could hinder his 2019 season. Recall that Clowney sat out all of training camp and preseason last year for health-related reasons; he didn’t really produce until Week Four after missing all that time.Although Clowney has been tagged, it’s just one step toward the next thing. Count on this being an ongoing topic of discussion and speculation as the offseason progresses.
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Re: wait and see what he does in 2019?Why not make sure he s

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