Service delivery at doorsteps is facilitated

Service delivery at doorsteps is facilitated

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Indian IT industry revenues set to cross cheap jordans

Now providing livelihood to about 10 million people (including 2.8 million directly employed), it is the largest recruiter in the organised private sector. It is also amongst the biggest foreign exchange earners for the country. michael kors clearance

These figures convey the outstanding success of this sector; yet, its qualitative impact is, possibly, of even greater import. First, it has transformed the global image of India and Indians: today, both are seen as winners. Second, it has energised the country's higher education sector, especially in engineering and computer science. coach outlet online

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Third, it has contributed to social transformation by providing lucrative jobs to lakhs from small towns and even villages and gender equality, through its extensive employment of young women. Finally, and most importantly, it has brought hope to young people, who thanks to the opportunities in this sector view the future with optimism. jordan shoes for cheap

The IT industry has conveyed that success is driven by education and work, not by family background or 'connections'. In the context of what is happening in countries in our neighbourhood, the importance of such a message of inclusion and hope is obvious. coach factory outlet online

Looking ahead, it is clear that the Indian IT industry will face many serious challenges: technological, managerial and geopolitical. Competition from other countries will intensify, and supply side constraints increase. Human resources, infrastructure and a comparatively adverse business environment thanks mainly to unpredictable interpretation of tax laws by overzealous, collection driven officials will pose problems. coach outlet online

In this area of societal applications of technology, the possibilities in India are immense and limited only by imagination and sometimes by regulatory barriers. The national e governance programme (NEGP) provides many examples of how technology could be used to bring greater efficiency, transparency and even accountability in government activities, especially those related to citizen services. cheap jordans online

Birth and death certificates, land records, tax payments, passport issue and renewal, and a whole range of other services have been IT enabled. Service delivery at doorsteps is facilitated through community computer centres in over 1,00,000 villages, and there is already action underway to roll out fibre based broadband connectivity to 2,50,000 panchayats. More widespread access to citizen services will also be provided via mobile phones, whose availability will soon be near universal. coach outlet online

Like the IT industry's $100 billion milestone, mobile telephony too will soon cross a landmark: of one billion cellphones. India's mobile telephony services have witnessed a gravity defying trajectory, with Indians taking to mobiles as they have to nothing else before. jordans for cheap
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