Hold me with a trophy jersey

Hold me with a trophy jersey

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As Ibrahimovic and Manchester United signed a 1 +1 contract, and the renewal of Alonzo Mourning Authentic Jersey the decision by the players, so after this season Ibrahimovic's stay has been the focus of attention. Although Ibrahimovic has been 35 years old, but since last summer to join Manchester United so far, he has scored a goal for Manchester United 27, it turns out that Ibrahimovic is still one of the top league in the state of the hottest striker, the current Los Angeles Galaxy and Naples threw an olive branch from Ibrahimovic. Recently, he also interviewed Manchester United in the expression of their own ideas for the future, hope the performance of the team to match their ambition to come here. "I'm 35 years old and there are a lot of things that need to be solved.I can no longer be Chris Bosh Authentic Jersey like the age of 20, there are five or ten years in the future.Perhaps my football," said Ibrahimovic, I only want to know what the idea of ​​the club is, I came here not to waste time, I was to win.If you want to win more More, you have to become stronger. " At the same time, for their own renewal of the idea of ​​Ibrahim said: "If I have any ideas I will say, I and the club is drifting away or closely linked Now there is no news, everything needs to talk, when http://www.officialheatauthentic.com/au ... ersey.html we again "I'm an open man, what is happening now?" In addition, for their original choice to join Manchester United when the idea, Ibrahimovic said: "The team this season, the Champions League can not play, but I came here and this team will be together, no team do not like to win, I Come here to help the team, do what I can do, make the team better.There are two months now, during which there can be a lot of things, when we look at what will happen. Of course, for the performance of Manchester United this season, Ibrahimovic that the team's performance Dominique Wilkins Womens Jersey and the actual ranking is consistent. He said: "If we get more points, the team will have a higher height, but the standings will not lie, we are the fifth performance.However, our performance is pretty good, we win Five of the five champions, and two champions to fight.
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