It would need a flint heart not to appreciate jersey

It would need a flint heart not to appreciate jersey

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If nothing else, it was a more polished performance than the first time Aaron Rodgers Youth Jersey Wayne Rooney staged his own press conference, on a January evening in 2003 and the occasion of his first professional deal for Everton. At 17, Rooney was so unprepared for the barrage of flashing cameras the words stuck in his throat and his audience could hardly hear him speak. David Moyes told him off for chewing gum and there was an awkward moment, after his first uncertain words, when he reached for the bottle of water on his table. Rooney was about to swig straight from it until Moyes intervened. “Pour it in the glass, Wayne,” came the advice.Fourteen years on, it was a very different Rooney taking his seat in the People’s Club Lounge at Goodison Park, holding up the No10 shirt – the possession of Romelu Lukaku until recently – and telling the story of how he had kept the negotiations of his transfer from Manchester United a secret even from his closest family.The explanation was that his dad, Wayne Sr, would have been so excited “he would not have been able to keep it in”. The same for his mum, Jeanette. “I didn’t tell Kai [his eldest son] either because he was going to school and I didn’t want him speaking to his mates,” Rooney reported. “It was literally once everything was agreed and the paperwork was through that I told everyone. Kai just jumped on me. It was the happiest I’ve ever seen him. My dad, too. Obviously he’s an Evertonian and he’s been going to Manchester to watch me for the last 13 years. Now he’ll just have a five-minute drive.”It would need a flint heart not to appreciate the symmetry that had brought Rooney back to the club where he has been both loved and reviled – once kissing the United badge directly in front of the stand where he was now talking – and now wants to play his way back into the crowd’s affections.Approaching 32, Rooney was quick to make the point he was here to win trophies, not because Goodison represented “a retirement home”, but there was also an admission that he could understand why people suspected his career had been in decline – “certainly the last year” – and it did not need long in his company to realise that his one season with José Mourinho in Manchester had become a personal ordeal.Querrey, who dumped Novak Djokovic out of the tournament on his way to the quarter-finals last year, remains upbeat about Pacers Womens Jersey spoiling the party again. “To go back-to-back quarters is exciting,” he said. “It’s something I’ve never done before.”As for his opponent on Wednesday, he said: “It’s going to be tough. I’ve played him in the past [eight times for a single win: on hardcourt in Los Angeles seven years ago]. He’s playing at a high level. He’s defending champion, No1 in the world. He loves playing here. The crowd is going to be behind him.“But sometimes it’s fun to go out there and play where the crowd is behind the other player 100%. I’m going to try to play aggressive, hopefully play well and can sneak out a win.”Their last match was a quick three-setter at the Australian Open this year before Murray suffered the unexpected shock of losing to Mischa Zverev. He wants no more surprises like that.And “sneaking out a win” has been Murray’s speciality over the years, although he will probably be on full-bore against Querrey. After four matches of promise, he needs to find another level. The challenges beyond Querrey are considerably more difficult than even the tricky assignments he has negotiated so far. He will also need to be at or near full fitness.As the appointed conscience of the game’s etiquette and morals, Murray was inevitably asked about scheduling that put the world No1 Angelique Kerber and the 2015 finalist Garbiñe Muguruza on No2 Court, while Novak Djokovic and the unfancied Frenchman Adrian Mannarino had the last slot on No1 Court.Murray made perfect sense in observing: “It’s pretty much always been the case here that you got two men’s matches and a women’s match on the Centre Court. Sometimes it varies on the other courts. Ideally you would have two men’s and two women’s on Centre. Starting the matches a bit earlier would allow for that.“At the Aussie Open, there’s three women’s matches and two men’s pretty much every day on the stadium court. [We] need to maybe find a way of allowing for an equal split of the men’s and women’s matches across the tournament rather than just looking at one day. If there’s better matches on the women’s side than the men’s side, you can flip it. If there’s better matches on the men’s side, then that has to go first, as well.”In a sea of uncertainty,“When you’re going on adrenalin you can go a lot further,” he observed courtside, in reference to the grinding struggles of Rafael Nadal and the lesser concerns of Andy Murray, who arrived at the championships after tough campaigns on the red dirt of Europe while the Swiss recuperated at home. Roger Federer is still the eternal lifeboat. Even as other contenders fought to avoid drowning on day seven, he advanced to the quarter-finals for the 15th time with another excellent win, Grigor Dimitrov bowing down before him for the sixth time in a row. Whether or not he wins an eighth title on Sunday, he has already left the tournament with another star-dusted collection of memories.
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