How to fix No Signal Error on TiVo?

How to fix No Signal Error on TiVo?

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If you are facing no signal Error on TiVo Box, then check out the below troubleshooting Steps to fix the Error o Your TiVo Setup.

Step 1- Firstly, head on to switch off your TiVo box and television. After that, you will need to analyze the cables running between the TiVo digital box, the video source, and the television. Just make sure that the cables are linked correctly to the appropriate ports. In the examining of all the things, your source device should easily output to the TiVo, which should output to the TV.

Step 2- Head on to change the settings of the TiVo to match with your program source. Now, just head on to unlock the TiVo Central, then highlight the “Messages and Settings” and then head to the “Account and System Information.” After that, just select the “System Information” and then check out the “Program Source” entry. This setting should be same with your output device. For example, it should say “ cable without box” in the case if you do not have the cable box. If you wish to change the option, just repeat the TiVo’s guided Setup utility by unlocking the TiVo Central, then choosing the “Messages and Settings” and then the “Help” option. For launching the utility, just head on to choose the “Restart or Reset System” followed by the option “Repeat Guided Setup.”

Step 3- After the second step, you will need to check out the satellite box or your cable to make sure that it is correctly powered and linked. As an additional checking, do confirm that the device is not in power off mode automatically. If the device is in power off mode, then the TiVo would not be able to read the signals from the source device.

Step 4- Now, you need to confirm that the TiVo box can search out the video source by unlocking the TiVo Central, then choosing the “Messages and Settings” and then selecting “Settings.” After that head to choose the “Video” followed by the “Video Hookup” and then just follow the on-screen instructions to analyze whether there is the availability of a video source.

Step 5- In the final step, just head to bypass the TiVo Activate box by linking the video source to the TV. Still, if you face the signal problem, then there could be a problem with your source hardware or the cable provider and not with your TiVo device.
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