FIFA specifications and cancel the exchange fee

FIFA specifications and cancel the exchange fee

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Recently, the Oriental Football Association announced the particular "Chinese Football Association Person of cheap fifa accounts identity and transfer restrictions, " it contains the identity with the players, domestic transfer, global transfer, the transfer settlement, work contracts, and some national recruitment and participants, clubs, national the relevant provisions with the team and the children's system and brokers, and so forth., can be said to become Chinese football's "Labor Legislation. "
It is understood the provisions of the predecessor with the 2009 promulgated the "Chinese Sports Association Player Transfers id and Interim Provisions", the particular promulgation of new restrictions, the provisions in place in comparison to six years ago altered? Chinese football will affect the geometry than it?
Article 19 of the particular old Regulation: the occurrence of your transfer fee of Low-cost Fifa 16 coins person transfers, respectively former club shall pay the whole fee to the Oriental Football Association and past management fee of 5% with the transfer; in order to prevent the transfer of management fees and conceal the specific amount of the exchange fee the club must redouble evade payment of 5% of how much each to the Oriental Football Association and past association; transfer fee have not occurred player transfers, the new club shall be relative to the original association charges prescribed, the original association to cover the transfer of supervision fees. ififa777
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