FIFA 16 Coin Glitch is back on PS4?

FIFA 16 Coin Glitch is back on PS4?

Postautor: bobgull » 5 lut 2016, o 09:01

The well known FUT coin glitch was seen to be patched at the start of fifa 16 coins but with players prices on the rise has the glitch yet again found its way into this years version of the game?

Coin selling and buying is an issue that has divided fifa 16 ps3 coins fan base for years, their is the players that buy coins giving them the chance to play with the best players in the game and then their are the FUT players that grind their way through divisions and trying their best to save up for the top cards but never quite making it because of their extreme prices.

So with the glitch being out of the game for some considerable time what has changed from previous years? Not much is the answer, you are still going to have to pay up to 900k for the the best cards in the game and that is for their normal cards lets just ignore the 99 rated Messi.

Their has been rumours that the glitch is back leading to a very unstable market at the moment, people are unsure weather to sell their players now wait for their prices to go back up or back down. I can only suggest that from my FUT experience I would not be surprised if we started to see the price of coins decrease rapidly. Do you want to buy fifa 16 coins. We are waiting for you on !
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