For folks who contribute bunches Cheap NHL Jerseys China

For folks who contribute bunches Cheap NHL Jerseys China

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Kettlebell is one of the most popular fitness trend in 2009 according to a survey conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Cheap NFL Jerseys China , the America s authority in fitness. Well known Hollywood celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey,Penelope Cruz and Angelina Jolie are using the kettlebells to shape up. In Australia, many top level sports teams such as the Australian Football League clubs such as Port Adelaide, Essendon and Fremantle, the Australian military forces and Australian Institute of sports are using kettlebell training as part of their physical preparation. It is no wonder that kettlebell training has become more popular in Perth, Western Australia and more personal trainers have jumped into the wagon and started offering kettlebell training as part of their services. Unfortunately, not all Perth personal trainers adequately trained to provide top notch or even proper basic kettlebell training instructions. For best training experience and safety, please refer to the following selection guidelines.

Perth Kettlebell Instructor Selection Guidelines

1. Cert IV Personal Trainer
Any kettlebell instructor in Australia and definitely in Perth Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , Western Australia must be a Cert IV qualified personal trainer. It is an Australian national vocational standard for a person to hold a Cert IV in personal training to be able to conduct personal training services. Anything less than that may mean that the instructor is not properly trained to understand how the human body cope and adapts to the demands of exercise.

2. Certified as a Kettlebell Instructor
It is a pre requisite for anyone who wants to be a kettlebell instructor to gone through a high standard of kettlebell training and certification program before he can properly coach anyone. Look out for instructor that is certified by either Australian Kettlebells (AKI), American Kettlebell Club (AKC), Dragon Door (RKC), and International Kettlebell Fitness Federation (IKFF). Be sure to check with the instructor by asking for proof of certification.

3. Look the Part
The kettlebell instructor should take personal fitness and kettlebell training very seriously. He should be fit and healthy. He should also have done the kettlebell exercises and programs before getting his clients to do them. If he is unfit, out of shape, and could not even do the exercises that he is showing you, why would you be convinced that his training programs work?

4. Expert in Exercise Progression
The kettlebell instructor should be experienced enough able to customize training to various levels of fitness and skills. There is no one size fits all program that works.

5. Instructions Should Focus on Movements
Kettlebell training is all about training the movements and never about contracting individual muscles group as seen in most conventional bodybuilding workout. If your instructor get you to do a lot of lying triceps extension, french curls or bicep curls Cheap NFL Jerseys , it is time to look somewhere else for a much more qualified instructor.

6. Website
Any serious trainer should have at least a basic website where his potential clients can get information about his training experience and background in training. Providing kettlebell training should not be treated like a hobby, it should be treated like any business. If the kettlebell instructor does not have a website, chances are he is not going to be very bother with his services to you.

7. Social Proof
If instructor has been providing the highest standard of coaching and his training works, he should be able to provide testimonials in the form of written, videos and before after photos on his website.

8. Liability Insurance
Kettlebell instructors should carry a liability insurance because any type of exercise is going to have an inherent risk of injuries and death. Be sure to enquire about it. If the instructor does not have it, he may not be a qualified Cert Iv personal trainer as one needs to possess the qualification to obtain a liability insurance in Australia.

9. Be On Time
The instructor should be 10 minutes early before the scheduled training time to check out for the safety in the training location and answer any questions regarding kettlebell training or issues within his scope of practice.

10. FREE Trial
If the instructor is on top of his training, he should offer a trial kettlebell workout to prospective clients who want to find out more or have doubts about the training. This way, the clients can also gauge the quality of the training and the suitability of the trainer.
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