Mixing plant safety rules

Mixing plant safety rules

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Mixing plant safety rules
1 Power Voltage Stability is to protect the electrical control system works properly. To make the system work, it must ensure that the voltage between the power supply AC380 ± 5% V, the supply transformer should have sufficient capacity, otherwise it will damage the electrical components and can not guarantee the system work properly.
   2 regular checks of the main switches, buttons, lights reliability of electrical equipment, especially concrete discharge door opening and closing and storage aggregate limit door opening and closing limit, ready mix concrete plant for sale with capacity 90cbm in order to ensure the work program to run automatically.
   3 Always check whether the elements have damaged the electrical system, loosening. Each motor operation, whether there is fever phenomenon.
   4 When the flat belt conveyor and inclined belt conveyor is not working, such as card stock, belt slippage, belt tear and other circumstances, patrol officers can pull rope belt side switch it is not running, and immediately notify the control room operator staff safety after a power outage for troubleshooting.
    After 5 event of unforeseen circumstances, should immediately press the emergency stop button to cut off the power control system, and disconnect the power switch, to be deliberately excluded, such as the need to restart, you must make the system into manual work state, it will abort the previous cycle in the end, so that within the discharge concrete mixer, each weighing bucket material drained.
    6 mixing console work, non-stop half-way, there is a power outage phenomenon such as work, should immediately open the discharge gate, exhausted stirring drum mixes to prevent condensation.
    7 system is running, as no emergency situation, forbidden to change the way (manual or automatic)!
    8 mixing equipment work, concrete unloading zone forbidden to stand!
    9 mixing station overhaul, especially when the host overhaul, the main power must be turned off, emergency stop switch on the operation panel is pressed, and the position of the key switch on the power off, unplug the key, and send manned!
    10 stirring cover both sides of the door were observed with a safety limit, a limit to any action, the host can not start properly run. Thus, when the host overhaul will cover both sides of the door open and make sure to observe the safety limit action to prevent accidents. After the repair is completed, will cover both sides of the observation door closed, the safety limit is reset.
    11 equipment is running, the pump working mode selection switch should be set to "Auto" position, not free to stop the main oil pump work, and always check the fuel supply is normal.
    12 All safety signs checked at least once every six months, if found damaged, deformation, discoloration, etc. do not meet the requirements should be timely repair or replacement.
    13 mixing equipment should be operated within the rated range, non overworked!
    14, must be taken to regulate the ground or zero depending on the form of measures for power system equipment. When this machine is installed at a height over the surrounding buildings or equipment, according to relevant standards erection thunderbolt devices.
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