Air Max 1 is the NIKE Air Max running shoes series originato

Air Max 1 is the NIKE Air Max running shoes series originato

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Air Max 1 is the NIKE Air Max running shoes series originator

nike air max 1 womens sale Max Air is NIKE launched a second air cushion, which is the improvements made in accordance with the first launch of NIKE AIR cushion. It launched in 1987 and used in the year of the classic shoes AIR MAX 1, which shoes named AIR MAX 1 because it is the first dual-mounted MAX AIR cushion sneakers.

MAX AIR NIKE air cushion will belong to series, it will use the gas to the limit, in the face of the impact of the best protection system, because the human foot repeatedly strike the ground motion, and the body will cause great damage to athletic performance, MAX aIR air can share the load of athletes strong impact, giving comprehensive protection athlete. nike air max 1 ultra moire

Air Max 1 is the most elaborate ever running shoes, Air Max 1, also known as Air Max 87! As the old brand, NIKE owns more than absolute classic shoes AIR FORCE 1, and DUNK SB so simple. nike roshe run print mens Air Max 1 is also popular among fans favorite brand

For now, Air Max 1 is not just a professional jogging shoes, but also a culture of shoes, because of his unique streamline design, slightly retro look, lightweight design makes her loved by young people. Especially in the US and Europe, Air Max 1 has become a symbol of cultural trends and you can even see her figure in all kinds of extreme sports!

Air Max 1 after major technology palm Max air cushion, provide effective cushioning and protection footsteps.


Although the Air Max 1 is a timeless classic, but it is undeniable Air Max cushion 1 in the hearts of some of the pursuit of comfort has been somewhat out of date. Therefore, NIKE sportswear and the Air Max 1 based on the introduction of a lot of the new Air Max running shoes products, mainly popular are Air Max 95, Air Max97, Air Max 180, Air Max 90, Air Max powerwall like. nike roshe run print women's Which must mention the Air Max 90, Air Max 90 can be said to truly Air Max 1, it has been on the Air Max shoes as a cultural regression, because the appearance of Air Max 90 and Air Max 1 appearance of echoes. At the same time Air Max 90 is increased and thickened the cushion Air Max 1, widening soles, play better stabilizing effect. So to speak, Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 is like a father and son!

Air Maxim 1

adidas originals superstar womens Air Max 1 is a modified version, the main feature is that she is more lightweight design, the basic shape and Air Max 1 is exactly the same!

Air Max 1 will bring us more surprises, she will never grow old, and I have her glory, glory and joy that only you can experience!
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