I’ve always used a clip

I’ve always used a clip

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For pandora charms outlet anyone not familiar with the site, Rue La La specializes in sample sales for designer labels and is by invitation only. If you don’t have an account yet, you can use my invitation to join. Pandora has been sold through Rue La La for the past couple of years and they are authentic jewelry. Unfortunately, they only deliver to the continental US, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and PO Boxes. The boutique includes charms, rings, earrings, pendants, and watches; quantities are limited though so be sure to act fast! The new smooth Moments bracelet debuted with the Pandora Spring 2016 Collection and it’s been one of the pieces I was most eager to try out. A lot of brands offer non segmented bracelets no threading in the middle, so it’s definitely not a new concept. But it is a big departure from a brand that has heavily emphasized their threading system; although not as much in recent years with the release of so many openworks charms.

It was my first purchase from pandora earrings sale the release and I’ve been playing with it all week. As the name states, it is smooth and does not have any threading, not even at the ends! There have already been problems with this as the company produced batches of bracelets where the threaded charms could not fit over the ends, only the openworks could. These should have been pulled and sent back to the company, but there’s no official recall, so do keep that in mind if you’re having problems with the first run of smooth bracelets. The clasp is a round clip and the bracelet resembles the bangle almost exactly, except it is a snake chain. Pandora has gone away from the traditional cylindrical clasp, and I’m wondering when they will also change the clasp for their original Moments bracelet. For the smooth chain, all beads slide on and for that reason, I would advise adding a clip to pandora silver bracelet both ends, otherwise the charm will slide right off or into the clasp.

I’ve always used a clip on the end of my bracelets but it’s really a requirement for this style of chain. pandora stopper clipsSince there are no segments on this bracelet, Pandora has made a new version of clips with silicone inside. These can be placed anywhere on the chain and will mostly stay in place. There are 5 stopper clips 4 Shining Elegance and the Pink Primrose. They are much thinner than the regular clips and they have a small square of silicone on either side of the hinge. Of course, they can be used with the regular bracelet and leather bracelets too! Overall, I really like the smooth bracelet; the non segmented chain is more versatile and now I don’t feel restricted to having clips in pandora essence charms the middle section.
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