Michael Bourn Jersey

Michael Bourn Jersey

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锘? OK Brian Hoyer Bears Jersey , so you done all the baby shower preparations - you've sorted the venue, the food and drink (non-alcoholic for mommy!!), the invitations, music, the gifts and the decorations. But wait! Have you remembered the games? One thing that is essential for a great baby shower is a good list of baby shower games.

Of course, the types of games you play will depend on the numbers and types of people who are coming to the baby shower - there are endless varieties of games you can play, ranging from the extremely innocent to the very risqu. But how do you choose? Well, first of all, just make sure you know the guests that are coming. Consider their sensitivities and sensibilities and make sure you err on the side of caution - what may seem like innocent fun to one person Logan Paulsen Bears Jersey , may be extremely offensive to someone else. But also don't be afraid to take a few risks - after all, this is about having a really good time with friends, family and loved ones.

What baby shower games to choose?

The best place to search for ideas for baby shower games is the Net. Even a quick search will reveal lots of ideas, lots of sites, books and downloadable games for you to consider. Some of these are even free! But if you don't have the time or inclination to spend time scouring the Internet, here are a few ideas for some simple, but effective baby shower games you can use to make your event go with a swing:

Baby Shower Gift Bingo

Baby Shower Bingo has a very simple concept that will keep your guests entertained for hours. When mom-to-be opens a gift, all of the guests check their cards. If you have a matching item then you mark it off. When you fill in all the boxes either up, down Charles Leno Bears Jersey , or diagonally you win. Of course you could make you own cards, but you can buy a set of baby shower bingo cards for about $20 on the Internet.

Baby Draw

This is a picture game based on charades, but where the words are sketched out instead of acted out. The subject is (naturally) babies and this game is really exciting to play. You can buy this game online for $15, with complete instructions, one-minute timer and more than 100 playing cards.

Deluxe Baby Bingo

Apparently this is America's favorite baby shower game! You can get a set online for $25. The set comes complete with instructions, 40 beautifully designed, full-color boards, a master caller sheet, and game chips printed on tear-off pre-perforated sheets.

Diaper Surprise

This is a great game! As each of your guests arrive Bryce Callahan Bears Jersey , pin a "diaper" on them. When the games begin ask your guests to open their diapers to reveal the "surprise." One (or more) of the diapers will be soiled with a small smudge of mustard. Whoever reveals the dirty diaper is the winner!

You can buy the game online for $30, including 25 sets of diapers, (measuring 2" x 1 34"), with pins. This includes the "soiled" diapers and you decide at the time of ordering how many diapers you want soiled.

New Mom Advice Cards

Provide each guest with some cards of (approx 4" x 6"). Each guest then writes down their advice for the new mother to be. It is a special keepsake Mom can save forever, a lovely treasure chest full of pearls of wisdom. You can make it a special theme, e.g. "all the things to avoid." You can buy a set of 20 nice color cards for $20 on the Internet, alternatively, just make your own!

Baby Trivia Game

The baby trivia game is an interactive, flash card game that is both fun and educational. It costs $20 and it's a deck of cards Jacoby Glenn Bears Jersey , containing 99 questions (and answers) relating to newborns and pregnancy, such as: When will baby first begin to smile? When will baby's eye color set? What is the average number of diapers a baby will go through before she is toilet trained? What percentage of babies actually arrive on their due date? etc.

Baby Shower Scratch-Off

This is a great, unique game - excellent for blowing away baby shower "fatigue," that feeling of "same-old" that you get after having attended the hundredth baby shower. The premise of the game is a little hard on us men; it assumes that all daddies have a hard time taking care of babies when mommy is away. The graphic shows a crying baby being held by a crying daddy! And the card says "What does Daddy need to help Baby stop crying?" Is it a diaper, a fresh bottle, a rattle? No, those are all the loser cards! Who will get the winning card? "Mommy!" Of course! What does daddy need to get? Mommy! And she's one super-cool mommy, designed with a diaper bag in one hand, a cell phone Harold Jones-Quartey Bears Jersey , a briefcase, a bottle...etc, all while wearing a suit and pumps. A little far-fetched methinks!!

Despite my "new age man" objection to the sexist implications of this game, I must admit, it looks like a fun game. You can buy this game online for $20, including 24 lotto-style losing cards and 1 winning card.

These are just a few of the baby shower games available to make your party go with a swing. You can buy these, download some free baby shower games, spend some time searching for a few more, buy baby shower games books - or why not make up some of your own? Whatever you do Connor Barth Bears Jersey , the most important thing is to make sure that everyone has fun!
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Michael Barrows website has great info on baby names, baby name lists and lots of baby resources. Get your free ebook packed with baby tips for new parents, visit the baby shower games website.

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