Wingsuit base jumping: Here you basically run off a cliff w

Wingsuit base jumping: Here you basically run off a cliff w

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There are quite a number of ways to feel that surge of adrenaline. One of the legal but slightly life threatening methods available to tease your nerve endings would be adventure sports. Adventure sports are not as popular as the professional league sports such as soccer or hockey among the common public. But there will always be a bunch of crazy people who love to perform these insane antics either as amateurs or professionals. It’s true that you don’t get paid as much as the professional league players do , but there’s just something off the hook about being extreme that gets a few addicted. Once you hop on a skateboard and love the feeling of the wind rushing against your face you’re never going to forget it.
These days, extreme sports have gone official. Professional X-treme sports leagues are being held and broadcasted to the rest of the world where professional extreme sports enthusiasts compete against each other. There is some, slightly noticeable hype going around a few extreme sports such as skiing or mountain riding that has TV stations demanding for contracts. Even major satellite TV providers offer seasonal passes to these games through cheap TV deals. So if you ever wanted to catch the action live, you can watch it on TV. The present day young adults though, come up with unimaginable sports activities that can only be termed ‘upbeat’. Let’s take a look at the adventure sports practiced in the past few years.
Mega ramp skateboarding: If you thought skateboarding was insane, then check this out. Mega ramp skateboarding involves skating off an ultra, mega ramp that contains basically three structures- a roll-in, a gap jump, and a vert quarter pipe.
Ostrich racing: The imagery of this particular term may seem funny, but in reality, this can be pretty dangerous. The race involves sitting on the back of an ostrich and racing fellow contestants. The extreme factor here is that, considering the fact that ostriches are pretty aggressive animals, you may never know when the ostrich you’re riding may turn against and attack the rider himself.
Wingsuit base jumping: Here you basically run off a cliff while wearing a funny wingsuit and try to fly. Not that you will be flying in the strictest sense of the word, but when jumping off a greater altitude you can get an experience on how it will feel to actually fly. Sometimes, with BASE jumping, people wear a wingsuit and ski equipment and literally glide off a snow packed cliff. Awesome fun.
Parkouring: Ah, the wonders of parkouring. To me parkouring looks like a bunch of hyperactive idiots, bouncing of walls to waste away some of that excess energy. Well, the best part about parkouring is that you can do it anywhere. Anyplace, anytime. Maneuvering around obstacles such as walls, street lamps, sidewalks and staircases is what parkouring is all about. Some adrenaline craving experts also try this very innovative game by hopping roof tops.
Sand boarding: We’ve seen surfing the waves and bashing the dunes. Now, it’s a combination of the two you use a wooden board to slide on the sand dunes. Except, dune riding is the slightest bit tougher than riding the waves or gliding off the snow. But it’s fun all the while.
Crashed ICE: Winter extreme sporting taken to the extreme. Crashed ice involves skiing or skating or snowboarding in an obstacle course with steep vertical drops and lifts. It is similar to ski cross and snowboard cross, only with the ice skates on and utilizes the tactics used in skiing and snowboarding. This winter sporting event is organized by Red Bull. A partner’s enjoyment in the bedroom is an important part of the relationship. An unfulfilled partner can create a stressful day and if continued can create serious trouble in the relationship.

The major challenge for a man in sustaining desire and sexual activity in bed is keeping himself from climaxing too early. Premature ejaculation can be destructive to your sex life if not dealt with appropriately. The following are some tips that can help you overcome this problem (if you have it), and sustain sexual stamina for as long as necessary for you and your partner to get full satisfaction in the bedroom.

1. There is no need to go after love making as if it is a race. Taking your time to get to the end will be more rewarding for both you and your partner, so begin your night with foreplay. Manual stimulation and foreplay can put your partner in the right place for intercourse. If you find that you are ready to ejaculate earlier than anticipated, take it slow and go back to foreplay. In this manner you won’t ejaculate before your partner is ready to reach orgasm and you both can reach it together.

2. Contrary to what we may have been taught, masturbation is a very good technique to learn to improve your stamina. With masturbation you will have the control. Begin by creating a 10-point scale where 10 is the point of ejaculation, when you feel that you are reaching the 10 stop and bring yourself down to a 5- point measure. Continue the rise and pull back method until the point when you are ready to ejaculate. Masturbation also allows you the opportunity to discover what you like to have done to you.

3. Many men will generally think that women want to have long and drawn-out intercourse. This mindset is wrong. A study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine has shown that 13 minutes was the typical duration for intercourse, with the average couple having a 7.3 minute session. This of course excludes the foreplay. Spontaneity provides the couple with both interest and excitement, so during intercourse try different positions and techniques.

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