5. Asparagus Racemosus.

5. Asparagus Racemosus.

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BEIJING Marquis Haynes Panthers Jersey , April 12 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese Super League (CSL) seems prone to fierce competition and collision even as the new season just kicked off. There are two players falling into coma after clashes in pitch Saturday in the fifth round.

Iranian international Morteza Pouraliganji fell to the ground suddenly in the 28th minute into the match between Taijin Taida and Guizhou Moutai. The defender had to be delivered to the local hospital by an ambulance on site.

Pouraliganji had a heavy clash with Moutai's goalkeeper Zhang Lie in a header fight ahead of the falling. Pouraliganji was later diagnosed as minor concussion and neck injury, but he got a wound on head which received five stitches.

Taida and Moutai both are struggling the season into the fifth round . Taida are seeking their first win in new season and Moutai have pulled off only one win against three losses before the match, which ended with Taida beating Moutai 1-0.

In another match-up between two strugglers, Shijiazhuang Ever Bright and Shanghai Shenxin, both of which are aiming at first season victory, Yongchang's midfielder Hu Wei was also knocked unconscious to the ground in a header contending. After an instant medical treatment, Hu attempted to stand up and hoped to continue his play, but it's obvious he even could not support himself and fell down again before being replaced and stretchered out of the pitch.

Newly promoted Ever Bright won the relegation zone clubs match 2-1 and Shenxin lost all their five matches the season at the bottom.

In the fourth round, Shanghai SIPG's attacking midfielder Leonardo Conca of Argentina was badly hurt in a foul from Taida's Guo Hao, who had been suspended two matches and fined 1,600 dollars by Chinese Football Association for his unsportsmanship. Conca later took nine stitches in his right leg from the flagrant foul.

" Less number of sperms in semen volume is described as oligospermia. This problem may be caused by health disorder that has either physical or psychological origin.

Hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, and testicular injury are the most frequent causes behind this type of health disorder.

Doing of relaxation work out regularly is the natural remedial measures that recommended by most of the health experts. It is recognized as the best supportive to treat oligospermia. Additionally, there are Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements to Increase Semen Volume.

Do herbal male fertility supplements increase sperm count and semen volume?

Best herbal supplements like Spermac capsules and Musli Kaunch capsules can be regarded as an ideal unification of minerals and nutrients that augment the production of sperm quite naturally.

More or less all the components added to prepare herbal fertility enhancement support are primarily for helping the male for reproductive health. These are the remarkable Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements to Increase Semen Volume. Acting internally, these supplements deliver multiple benefits, such as increasing of sperm to boost motility, augmenting sperm count, and boosting the volume of semen. The main advantage of using the Ayurvedic cure is that they give long lasting result without any side effect.

The Ayurvedic supplements reduce the possibilities male infertility

According to recent researches, it is found that aging is another important cause of low semen volume along with low sperm count. Intake of Spermac capsules and Musli Kaunch capsules minimizes male infertility. It activates the action of free radicals and hold up growing old. Regular taking of the supplements reduces the possibilities of oligospermia in male and augments the performance of reproductive health.

Nowadays, herbal remedies suggested for curing infertility in men are best recommended explanation for caring of variety of health disorders specially related to the problem of reproduction.

The remedies promote spermatogenesis, develop sperm motility, and reduces lipid per oxidation carefully. Imbalance in hormone is one of major reasons of low sperm count and can be cured very well by Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements to Increase Semen Volume.

The major Ingredients of the supplements

All the ingredients used for the preparation Spermac capsules and Musli Kaunch capsules male fertility are scientifically tested and permitted by the health experts.

Some of the chief components that are used for making the herbal remedy include:

1. Shilajit

2. Vangbhasma

3. Loha bhasma

4. Mucuna Pruriens

6. Aswagandha

7. Kaunch Seed

The users enjoy the maximum safety in consuming the remedies because no strong compounds and other harsh preservatives are used in processing of the product.

The best thing of this Spermac capsules and Musli Kaunch capsules is that it hits the main problem. Besides increasing semen volume, the ingredients of the supplements provide multiple health benefits. With the increase of testosterone secretion, these remedies help increase the sensation of male genital organ.

Doses of the supplements to be taken

Taking of two capsules: one in the morning and the other in the evening with milk or water is the right dose. Consumption of the remedies for 3-4 months is the best ayurvedic herbal supplements to increase semen volume.

Over to You

Gratifying your partner during lovemaking is the basis of maintaining long lasting relationship. Testosterone hormone builds masculinity. It directly links semen volume. Take Spermac capsules and Musli Kaunch capsules to answer all your sex related problems and continue with long love life.

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