Make old human hair wig into new wig

Make old human hair wig into new wig

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Most friends will wear a human hair wigs to human hair wigs attend some important and special occasions. Unfortunately, if your human hair wigs look old and obsolete, your image may have great influence. However, it can be rather expensive if you buy new wigs every time. Luckily, there are many ways to care and maintain your human hair wig at home, and make your wigs looks new and the look being completely refreshed.
First way is to wash your wig properly. As for you frequency of synthetic wigs washing your human hair wigs, you can wash it when it shows signs of dinginess or oiliness. Your action should be gentle and the water shouldn’t be too high. During the process of wash, the gentle shampoo or specially formulated wig shampoo will help you wig look shine and remain clean and new.
The you need to use the right comb or brush for lace wigs your human hair wigs. Using the wrong type of comb can damage your human hair wig. Thus, you should use a wide-toothed comb especially for wigs to very gently untangle the human hair wig.
The next point is that, you should store your human hair wigs properly. Your wigs should be stored into its original plastic bag when it won’t be use for a relatively long time.
Taking care of your human hair wig properly can make your wig look new and can increase its life, as well.
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