happy marriage and family and do not care to eat well

happy marriage and family and do not care to eat well

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Wise man said: "A gentle answer turns away wrath; harsh word stirs up anger wise tongue, good hair knowledge; but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness.."

Why do so many family discord? Why they could not agree on even the couple are thinking? Why can not I understand that parenting? Why the brothers and sisters, "intended to kill"? ...... Incredible! In fact, this is entirely because family members can not New Prom Dresses be honest and direct approach to communication, often do not understand each other's standpoint standing problem, not for the sake of others. When someone in the family to make mistakes, just know complain, blame, criticism, and not know how to comfort, encourage each other to stand up.

"Answer of his mouth, conscious joy; when a word spoken in season, how good."

Happy marriage and family is the greatest enemy of both spouses lack of communication and exchange. Jesus said:. "A man's enemies of his own household." Why? Family because of the lack of communication chant! If the couple can spend a little time to chat with their parents talk about the heart, with the brothers and sisters telling jokes, to encourage children to give a pep talk. Let each family member filled with laughter in everyday life, go home and feel this is Cheap Prom Dresses 2016 the home of the soul, which is the Garden of Love.

In fact, a happy marriage and family and do not care to eat well, dress well, live well, used well, but care to talk well, and well, love well, Wise said: "eat vegetarian, love one another; strong such as eating beef, hating one another. "

I did not know this truth, because I itself is a relatively shy person, so after the wedding the couple between us slowly into Prom Gowns Online Sale the "cold war" status, although we have never happened. "Bloodshed", but we both nice They are very painful. I do this too sad, crying too, complained, too angry, always think the other side Why do not understand me? Do not trust me? Inconsiderate me? Day too long, to know all the "Cold War" because of the lack of communication between husband and wife, and therefore cracks, and even expanded into a bottomless chasm.
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