some just a simple rice soup and a well-being go hand

some just a simple rice soup and a well-being go hand

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Because of overwork, the body has a defense qualities you sick in the hospital, seriously ill, or even facing a life and death test. When your doctor carried into the operating room the moment, I know, I was so dependent on you, so the attachment, you can not do without. If you have happened how can I do? A cold operating room door, like poles apart, in the end how worried you inside; one hour of operating time, like after a long wait for centuries, never found the Cheap Prom Dresses Online time so hard to get. That was my first time to face the cold fear of disease and death, from the fear of life without you. How I want to make you share the pain, but I can only pray that God bless you. Finally opened the door of the operating room, nurses carry you out, thank God, the operation was successful. Face looked pale, frail you, I distressed tears. Your anesthetic efficacy has not been in a semi-coma, he squeezed my hand and kept calling my name. You murmured to himself:. "Baby, do not cry, so I am getting better, I'll take you home." At that moment, you want to obscure consciousness is take me home; you at the edge of life and death comfort me not to cry. Love, your life only me, did they have their own. To be more rare, I can meet the person; but also lucky, I can love to the right people; how many times Looking back to past lives, I can face in the crowd, and become your wife.

Teeth and tongue along every day, but occasionally would bite his tongue or teeth. Even the intimacy of husband and wife, there is still friction. We had a quarrel red in the face, there have been more or less blame, there have been vexatious suspicions have been struggling hesitation. These are all because we care about each other, we want to take the business of marriage. So, I used to forget all the bad, all the good I have a little bit to heart. You remember the steaming put on the table early called me up; I remember I remember when my father was sick you do not hesitate to come up with all their savings; I remember a friend send you reluctant to drink tea, I showed my father; remember my mother birthday I travel, buy a cake you bought a gift to visit; remember you reluctant to use winner's cup, gave my father; do not pretend you know what I remember from Monday to Friday lazy and do not do the laundry, washing and silently; I do not remember when the kitchen, you do delicious meals; I remember when I did not want to visit the markets, you buy food to go home; I remember I did not want to do the housework, washing dishes you happily mopping the floor; I remember writing at Mermaid Prom Dresses 2016 the computer, you quietly for my cup of fragrant jasmine tea ...... after a life of petty and ruthless years polishing, we understand that marriage is spend the bland, inclusive, is understood, is to pay, is the family, the companionship, the grow old together.

In fact, we are very fond of children, looking forward to having a child of our own, but because of work reasons, has been married for many years did not dare to have children. Today, the work to solve the problem and would like for you to give birth to a child, like your eyes, nose, like you, like your ears, eyebrows like you. When life infiltration love colors melt into a new life, I believe our love will be higher the value, the marriage will be more perfect understanding, life will be more colorful, life will be more gusto.

Love, our love is not earth-shattering oath, Prom Dresses 2016 no money luxury brand, no romantic romantic, some just a simple rice soup and a well-being go hand in hand to support each other, that's enough. The years to come, regardless of thorns few heavy wind and rain and more uncertain, more bumpy road, I am willing to accompany you grow old, even wrinkled, white-haired, loss of teeth, dim eyes, their ears are not separated .
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