Comparison between human hair wig and synthetic wig care

Comparison between human hair wig and synthetic wig care

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Wigs have generally become the necessity of human hair wigs fashion ladies. In modern life, different wigs are needed for different occasion. For example, we need human hair for work , and synthetic wig for party. Do you know what the differences between the care of human hair wigs and synthetic wigs? We will talk about it in the following passage.
About washing the wigs, both types of wigs should be washed in warm water. However, synthetic wigs need lass care and shouldn’t be wash too often as human hair wigs. 2-3month per time would be good.
About styling, human hair wigs are easily to change its hairstyle if without styling for synthetic wigs a long time. However, synthetic wigs can keep its original hairstyle a longer time, and thus need less care. Moreover, human hair wigs can be heated and ironed for any style, while we should always keep in mind that, keep your synthetic wigs away from any heat!
About maintenance. We suggest you to lace wigs place your wig on a wig stand before going to bed. And both kinds of wigs should keep in the original plastic bags if you won’t wear them for a long time.
Every wig needs to care to keep in good shape for relatively longer time, no matter it is a human hair wigs or a synthetic wig.
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