nike free run 3.0 dam sverige Only after this

nike free run 3.0 dam sverige Only after this

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Tablet ebook were trapped death extinction June 1 nike roshe run print uomo , 2012 | Author: | Posted in Electronic Gadgets
Article by Jion

IT industry is caught in a “ice hot 01 side is the condition:” apple as a representative of the tablet computer are market “GongChengLveDe”, trends long red; And on the other, produce aisle extremely temporary ebook enterprise and even was “Waterloo”, because the tablet computer substitution effect and sales go from bad to worse. Recently, the domestic ebook industry leading enterprises HanWang unbearable stress, announced its partial ebook sales prices sharply. HanWang situation reflects ebook this once promising emerging industry is facing a fight to the death extinction.

Hiccup: ebook offering trick fight

In the middle of this month HanWang company abruptly announced its ebook products, the sales price adjustment, adjust rate of based on current market prices in 15% – 40% cut. The weeklong involves product model now account for the whole series model ebook 38%, its sales accounted for 2010 HanWang ebook products of total sales income 42%.

HanWang continues to carry on the domestic leading role, ebook industry occupied domestic industry nearly 70 percent of the market share nike roshe run donne nere , its use E – but the ebook products very popular screen consumers welcome, especially in the gift market outstanding performance. But as the iPad listed, black and white screen, function single ebook suddenly had an Nemesis: tablet computer screen colourful, and its text processing, Internet browsing, games, watching video etc function is ebook ever could. As if overnight, the original ebook consumers will “predisposed toward”, invest in the arms of a tablet computer. “Since the iPad one generation since the price has obvious nike roshe run uomo saldi , ebook market, iPad2 atrophy; sales of e-books this counter.” but declined by 50% Chengdu an ebook sales at counter researchers say, ebook are now quite severe impact tablet computer.

And this HanWang price is represented by iPad ebook encounter the tablet PC, forced to offering strong offensive against the price ticket still tied on the performance. Reporters in the computer stores saw yesterday, after this price, HanWang ebook products by the N518 before 2180 yuan dropped to ones1,580yuan, last week with special N510 990 yuan in sales fell to 9, cut prices as high as 40%.

Price: performance prospect is not optimistic

In fact, in the face of including apple etc tablet computer HanWang listed impact nike roshe run flyknit verdi , not only a price adjustment ebook manufacturers, patriot, Newman was also recently lowered the product price, part ebook patriot says will launch price of less than 500 yuan EINK ebook products, to work against apple iPad2 influence. Reporters from local dealers have learned, HanWang price move has reflected in terminal stores, but unfortunately sales price has increased, and because neither too hot nor too cold consumer reflect.

Interview with reporters in computer stores, found that even depreciate later, with the hot apple counter ebook sales counter nike roshe run nere fiori , compared to appear quite cold and cheerless. Still In a brand ebook sales counter, reporters observed for half an hour, just a one or two customers to come to consult. A consumer regret to say, ebook although reduction, but the price is still not cheap. The consumers want to buy a reading equipment to son with, but because reading ebooks single function and hesitate before. Many consumers said the single and higher ebook function of restricting its purchase price is the main reason, think by contrast, tablet computer more cost-effective.

It is also because of market prediction is not optimistic, and the 2011 annual HanWang released first quarter results, is expected to 40 million loss forecast — 50 million yuan nike blazer basse fiori , the first half of expected losses will more than 90 million yuan.

Sallies: must “content is king”

In fact from apple iPad2 since listing, lenovo le Pad, MOTOROLA Xoom released as one tablet computer. Tablet PCS to the huge sales and potential ebook industry has caused a serious impact in the first quarter of this year, the ebook market appear annulus negative growth. Facing life and death under dilemma for how ebook breakout topic sparked the discussion, also became the parties in the main subject before ebook manufacturers.

The reporter interviews, domestic another ebook manufacturers in charge of bambook jin book shanda, says the future is in “content for the ebook must king”, kam books and HanWang different, not depend entirely on the terminal sales profit, but rather on the famous domestic original literature of publicchinese website starting point nike air max con fiori , so the user resources has not been tablet computer obvious impact. In fact HanWang also would have anticipated the ebook today’s boat. HanWang chairman LiuYingJian last year in chengdu attend west lake expo is revealed, HanWang established “three years, three years, three years platform terminal service” strategic planning, namely sell three years after the end products, three years to start construction platform from selling products company become sell service company. This year, it is in the strategic planning HanWang three years terminal last time. LiuYingJian says, until this slack on the must turn do platform content, “no matter pay again big price.”

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