Note the use of concrete mixer

Note the use of concrete mixer

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Note the use of concrete mixer
concrete mixing drum,cement mixing drum
1, the hydraulic system pressure should comply with the instructions for use, and shall not be adjusted. Hydraulic oil and fuel oil should comply with the original requirements.
2, before loading concrete mixers, you should drain the remaining water and mix barrel debris. During transport to keep the rotation to prevent concrete segregation. Before concrete mixer truck access to the site and unloading,should make full mixing drum to 14-18 rev / min rotation for 1-2 minutes, then invert discharge. Before reversing, should be parked mixing tube does notcylindrical concrete mixer supplier rotate.
3, the ambient temperature is above +25 degrees Celsius, from the loading, transport, the discharge duration shall not exceed 60 minutes, the ambient temperature is below +25 degrees Celsius, the above time shall not exceed 90 minutes.
4, winter construction, should be fully implemented: start before checking whether the ice; work when the barrel and mix carefully exclude residual water supply system, turn off the pump switch,the lever is placed in the "stop" position.
5, after the completion of the construction site discharge, immediately rinse with a hose mixer comes into the hopper, the hopper, discharge chute, etc., remove adhered to throughout the body sludge and concrete. On the way back mixing station, should be stirred cylinder injection 150 --- 200L water to clean the cylinder wall and the blade bonded concrete residue.
6, every day after work, drivers should be accountable to the cylinder into the water and stirring speed (14-18 rev / min) rotation for 5-10 minutes, then drain the water, in order to ensure the barrel clean. When using high-pressure water cleaning various parts of the mixing tube, it should pay attention to avoid instrumentation and joysticks and other parts. Distance pressure water nozzle and body paint surfaces shall not be less than 40 cm.
7, cleared the contamination inside and outside the mixing tube and concrete clinker remaining, as well as into the barrel when the machine repair personnel for maintenance and welding work, you must first turn off your vehicle engine, so that the mixing tube to a complete stop. In machine repair personnel work into the barrel during the barrel must ensure mixing ventilation, fresh air, no natural gas and hazardous dust, adequate oxygen supply (do not use oxygen). When using a power tool cylinder operation, the operator must have good insulation.
8, at work and can not reach into the rotating mixing cylinder, non-White put his hand extended discharge chute and the connecting portion of the discharge chute, to avoid accidents.
9, stirring blades should be checked regularly for wear and timely repair and renewal.
10, to implement the relevant safety practices. Concrete mixer truck drivers are required to undergo professional training, no certificate shall not post operation.
<strong>Small Truck</strong>
<p>-6 Cubic capacity of 2 cubic mixer collectively referred to as small mixer, also known as. Small mixers can be widely used in mining, end of the tunnel, township, village, town roads, water conservancy projects, large projects, short-term, small-scale projects, micro mixing station, subway, defense and other projects. To limit engage, width, length, with narrow body, short wheelbase and small turning radius, flexibility, efficiency personalized design features.
In addition, the mixer is also divided into split drum and round trough (ie horizontal axis) mixer.</p>
<p>Our products are excellent quality, reliable performance, complete specifications, widely used. Product quality has been a customer in Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Libya and other countries, the praise and recognition. Major export concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer truck, concrete pumps and related equipment and spare parts.
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Hot selling Mobile Cheap Concrete Mixer from China

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Hot selling Mobile Cheap Concrete Mixer from China
concrete mixing drum,cement mixing drum
<p><strong>Concrete mixers Category</strong>
From the viewpoint of mixing technology, liquid mixing applications can be divided into five basic stirring, and stirring each application can be based on the physical and chemical processes are divided into two types. Thus, a total of ten basic mixing applications. Each application has its own basic stirred mixing characteristics, process requirements and design criteria to enlarge. Practical application, each application stirring often have several basic applications stirring composition, such as flocculation mixing process by a liquid-liquid mixing and solids suspension stirred apply two basic components.</p>
<strong>Concrete mixers use is mechanized mixing cement concrete, the type more, classification and characteristics are as follows:</strong>
<p><strong>By job points:</strong>
Loop mode of operation of feeding, mixing, discharging three processes is based on a certain timcommercial ready mix mobile concrete batch plant for salee interval cycle, namely by mixing parts.
Since the mixing of various materials have been accurately weighed, so mixing quality. Currently we use this type of practices.
The above-mentioned three processes continuous mode of operation is a longer cylinder body continuously. Although their productivity than the circulation mode of operation is high, but because of the mixing ratio of each material, the mixing time is difficult to control, so the stirring of poor quality. Currently less use.
By stirring way points
Since the fall mixer is to mix in a rotating inner drum stirring, stirring with the rotation of the drum, the blades inside the drum to enhance the mix to a certain height, then spilled down by gravity free. So again and again, until the mix up. This mixer is generally mixing plastic and semi-plastic concrete.
Compulsory mixer is mixing drum does not move, but from inside the drum rotary shaft forced mixing blades are set. This mixer mixing good quality, high production efficiency; but the power consumption, and fast blade wear. Generally applicable to mixing dry concrete. Belonging to the production of sand-lime brick mixing plant, the main shaft mixer solve difficult to control the amount of water, stirring force is small, so that the material easy to knot the unity issue positions, the machine includes a planetary stirring mechanism, vortex mixing mechanism, mixing drum, discharge mechanism, mixer frame and chassis and other components, the center position mixing drum is provided with a vortex mixer, vortex mixer on both sides of the frame, symmetrically arranged two planetary mixer, two planetary mixer for relative rotation, vortex mixer and mixing drum inversely rotating machine stirring force, taking unity to solve problems, such as warehouses.
Manner by means points
Fixed mixer is installed in the pre-prepared, based on the machine can not move. It's bulky, high production efficiency. Used for mixing plant or mixing station.</p>
<p>Mobile mixer itself with wheels, and the small size, light weight, so good mobility. Apply to small and medium sized temporary works.
Divided by the expected manner
Tilt-stirring drum by tipping discharge, rather than relying on the Tilt-stirring drum reverse discharge.
By stirring drum shape points
There are pear-shaped, drum-type, double cone, disc vertical shaft axis and circular grooves lying five. The first three lines since the fall mixing; the latter two for the compulsory mixing, less domestic use.
By mixing capacity points
Large (discharge capacity of 1000 ~ 3000L), medium (discharge capacity of 300 ~ 500L) and small (discharge capacity of 50 ~ 250L).</p>
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