1. function concrete mixing plant,cement batching plant

1. function concrete mixing plant,cement batching plant

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1. function
concrete mixing plant,cement batching plant
Concrete is mainly used for transport concrete, and to ensure the delivery does not appear segregation.
2. Structure
By the chassis, hydraulic transmission (hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor), reducer, operating system, access to material systems, the mixing tube, ladder, lighting, protection, and other components.
3. Works
From engine PTO PTO, hydraulic pump driven by the drive shaft. Driving the hydraulic pump motor rotation, rotation through reducer drive mixing tube.
Control system by adjusting the magnitude and direction of flow of the hydraulic pumhzs25 concrete mixer machineryp to control the speed of the mixing tube and steering. Enabling access to materials, and transport stir functions. Normal operating concrete mixer: 1, feed mixing ready-mixed concrete: In the case of the engine idling, the operating handle dial to "feed stirred" and "high speed" position; stir a, ready-mixed concrete and stirred Car travel: the operating handle dial to "agitate" position; mixer with front cab shall lift shaft control handle to the locked position; b, unlocked: The operating handle to "feed stirred" thruster in place, such as manipulation in the cab, as long as the handle to exit the locked position, you can unlock; c, mixing tube stall: the operating handle dial to "neutral." Note: Regardless of the operating handle is allocated from the feed side to the discharge side or dial from the discharge side to the feed side, all should make a stopover in the neutral position, the cylinder to be stopped before the operation and turn the dial to the next Location. Feeding tube should be preceded by checking whether there is water with stirring, if water, the engine speed control in 700-1000rpm, the joystick position allocated to the material in order to exclude water. 2, ready-mixed concrete: a, the first two-thirds of the total amount of water injected into the water; b, the coarse aggregate 1/2, 1/2 sand, all of the cement into the mixing tube sequentially, and then followed the rest of the 1/2 coarse aggregate and water fed; c, stirring drum speed and stirring time "when the mixing tube feed speed: 6-10 r / min; stirring drum stirring speed: 6-10 r / min; stirring Time: 10-16 minutes .e, agitation and the stirring was completed after the feed process the same as previously .3, the water supply operation: the use of water pumps: a, first open the cab pump rocker switch, then open the buzzer switch, Pumps can work at the same time, the buzzer "beep beep" sounds; b, stirring barrel to add water or rinse tank when the hopper, open the "hopper" valve; c, flushing out the chute, chute open valve They; d, flushing the body, the first open gun valve, then the rear of the gun can be used directly; using pressure water supply: ① first open the cabin air supply switch, when the main vehicle gauge reached 8kg / cm2 pressure and then turn on the water supply system manual gas switch When the gauge reaches 2 kg / cm2 pressure to work .② stirred barrel to add water, rinse the hopper tank, when the discharge chute, first open the bottom of the tank valve, and then open when the "hopper" flush valve body .③ first open the bottom of the tank valve, direct use of the rear after flushing device .4, device drivers: once the hydraulic pump failure, according to the following urgent steps to drive the drive: a, turn driven by good emergency hose (ie emergency hose); b the breakdown vehicle (driven vehicles) flameout, high-pressure pipeline joints to remove the hydraulic motor on; c, the fault car (driving cars) flameout, the high-pressure tubing joints of the hydraulic motor is removed, and the failure of the hydraulic motor vehicle The hose is connected to the corresponding connectors; d, launch rescue vehicle, which was allocated to the joystick position the material, namely concrete fault car exhaust; emergency drive is complete, remove the hose rescue and restore the status quo ante two vehicles Operation is pay attention to several points 1, in front of the concrete mixer operation must be checked to confirm the steering, brakes, lights, sensitive and effective signaling system, mixer truck drum and chute free of cracks and serious injury, stirring blade wear in the normal range , U-bolt between chassis and sub-frame connected. 2, understand construction requirements and site conditions. Options Driving Directions and parking place. </ FONT> 3, in the community roads must comply with traffic rules. turning radius should in line with the requirements of the instruction manual, speed is not more than 15km. stop speed of not more than 5km. </ FONT> 4, when the job is forbidden to touch the rotating drum and rollers.
5, in the concrete mixer reversing discharge, must obey the command, pay attention to those around them, abnormal immediately stop. 6, concrete mixer cleaning operation is prohibited under high-voltage lines. Routine maintenance in a short time because the concrete will be solidified into a lump, and the steel and paint a certain corrosive, so concrete tank after each use, wash tank attached to the concrete and the concrete is expected out daily Maintenance work must be carried out carefully. Including:
a. Rinse with water before each feed port loading, the feed port remains wet when charging;
b. While in charge of the vehicle carrying the clean water tank filled with water;
c. After loading washing feed, wash near the inlet residual concrete;
d. To the site after discharge, wash out the tank, then into the concrete wash water tank plus 30-40 L; holding concrete tank slowly rotate forward when the vehicle return;
e. Remember to let go before the next charging concrete sewage in the tank;
f. Thorough cleaning of concrete tanks and knock out every day around the discharge port, ensure stick cement and concrete caking.
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