mixer transmission requirements and precautions

mixer transmission requirements and precautions

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Small mixer, mixer transmission requirements and precautions
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1, before the new compact mixer started, first check the entire hydraulic system and remove dust and debris, and check the entire connection is correct and whether the other problems.
  2,3 square mixer DTE26 Mobil hydraulic oil tank are installed (to oil above the standard scale, pump housing and motor housing should be oil filled.
  3, start the engine, steering servo cylinder handle make mix at low speed forward and observe the hydraulic system is working properly.
  4, the oil temperature must not exceed 6concrete mixing cm100 in libya0 ° C, the pump casing pressure must be less than 0.25MPa.
  5,4 square mixer note on the fan sink in the 50 ° C-70 ° C range should be in operation. Fan failure is not running, it should be repaired.
  6, charge pump relief valve, low pressure relief valves, high-pressure relief valve factory set-pressure, can not be altered arbitrarily.
  7, the oil in the components and piping must not have leakage, such as leakage occurs, should be repaired.
  8, when the operation state of the work, not free repairs and adjustments.
  9. The mixer hydraulic pump, motor if a failure occurs, the need for timely replacement down to send professional maintenance department repair specified in removing the old pumps, motors installed new pumps, motors should note the following:
    1) Remove the old pump, the motor, the tubing should be removed, requiring each oil pump and tubing on the interface immediately sealed to prevent dust from entering the pump and pipeline, and then removed from the mixer pump.
    2) mounted on the stationary pumps, motors. Note: The screws tightened, sealing the pump, motor, oil port, takes over.
    3) When all tubing installation, spin off oil pump R port plug, put in the best pump air until the smoke does not contain within R port oil gas and then tighten the R port oil plug.
    4) Remove the motor from the uppermost T port connector into the motor was added until clean hydraulic oil to fill the pipe and then tighten the joint.
    5) Check the oil level in the tank, if not to a level above the intermediate position, shall be added to the cleaning of the hydraulic oil in place.
    6) starting the engine when idling for 10 minutes (control box two handle all in the middle position, the mixing tube does not move), check the oil pump, the motor noise situation as well as the pipeline if there is leakage.
    7) Slow joystick, one direction at a slower mixing tube feeding direction of rotation 20 minutes (stirring barrel without material, the car idling out);
  8) Move the lever back to the middle position, so that the mixing tube stop, check the oil tank, fuel to the median.
  10. The hydraulic oil usage instructions:
    Cooler must be cleaned and replacement filter elements and hydraulic oil (1) the first phase of a new vehicle and the mixing tube accumulated over 300 hours.
    (2) after six months or after every 500 hours to replace the filter and hydraulic oil.
    (3) Hydraulic oil must be imported or domestically produced high-quality hydraulic oil, and after 10 micron precision filter to join the tank. We recommend using MOBIL (Mobil) DTE26, SHELL (Shell) TELLUS68, BP (British Petroleum) SHF68, CASTROL AWH68 or 68 with the same level of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil can not be replaced with another.
    (4) different brands of hydraulic oil can not be mixed, the tank must first put all the original hydraulic oil after replacement of the hydraulic oil to add new hydraulic oil.
    (5) hydraulic oil viscosity:
It uses low viscosity oil should be used MOBIL (Mobil) DTE15 when the ambient temperature remains below 15 ° C in, SHELL (Shell) TELLUS46, BP (British Petroleum) SHF46, CASTROL AWH46 or equivalent oil.
Mixer truck parked overnight, even if the climate warmer, the oil temperature will be reduced, therefore, first the engine idling at a warmer climate turned five minutes, ten minutes colder climate idle after operational.
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Mixer should avoid braking

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<strong>Mixer should avoid braking</strong>
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Truck tires will not hurt if you want a long time, then avoid braking is very important, how to do it?
1, can not start too fast, to avoid frequent use of the brakes and emergency brake, so as to avoid concrete mixer truck tires and boxes and accelerated tread wear;
2, in the corner will be cars, overtaking, through the intersection, narrow roads, railway crossings and other locations, should have appropriate speed and pay attention to the road, pedestrians, vehicle dynamics, ready to brake;
3, to reduce frequent braking, avoid emergency braking, thus reducing tire wear concrete mixer;
In addition, the mixer can not avoid facing the broken compressor in mini concrete cement batch plantglass or other foreign matter, to slow down through, do not slam the brakes, causing the pressure increases because the brakes, glass fragments and foreign bodies more easily tie into the concrete mixer tires.
<p>Concrete mixer truck from the vehicle chassis and concrete mixing transport special device. China's production of concrete mixer truck chassis to use more vehicle manufacturers to provide two types of common chassis. Its special mechanism includes power take off, before mixing tube frame, gearbox, hydraulic systems, the mixing tube, steering mechanism, the cleaning system. Works by taking the power plant will power the vehicle chassis removed and driven variable displacement pump hydraulic system, the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to pass quantitative motor, the motor and then drive gear by gear driven stirring means for concrete stirring.</p>
<p>By concrete mixer concrete moisture content of the shipment to points, there are wet material type, material type and semi-dry material type three mixer truck. Most domestic use wet material concrete mixer, which can be shipped by the mixing plant (station) Production of concrete or mixed according to the ratio of aggregate (sand, gravel), cement and water, during transport, constantly wet material slowly stirring to prevent initial setting of concrete during transport and segregation. However, from the production to the pouring of the concrete period of not more than 1.5h, avoid concrete setting. Therefore, in the case of longer distances transport, requires the use of materials and semi-dry feed mixer truck to transport. Dry material mixing truck according to the ratio of the trunk-like aggregate and cement directly into the car's stirring barrel, barrel during transport dry materials for mixing, when the vehicle is going to reach the construction site or at the construction site along with water stirred completed concrete. Semi feed mixing truck shipped on concrete aggregate and cement is prepared according to the ratio, and contain some water, but the water content of less than casting requirements, the vehicle will need to reach the construction site or at the construction site add water and stir.</p>
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