18 square concrete mixer Caution

18 square concrete mixer Caution

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18 square concrete mixer Caution
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With the development of China's construction machinery industry, our engineering vehicles and more abundant species, product performance is more superior, to take concrete mixer industry, the traditional 10 square, 12 square concrete mixer has been unable to meet consumer needs, then 14, 16 parties have conducted mixer market, but now 16 side or not consumers for a generous amount of the pursuit, in the limited time because of the greater volume of vehicles carried by a single party, the economic benefits are more High.
Currently 18 square, 20 square mixer in several large domestic enterprises have gradually pushed into the market, as a domestic for the depot district scale, investment, and other hardware companies ranked first in Asia, our 18 square mixer has been excellent Performance and price received by the marketstationary dry mix concrete batching plant sought after, and today we do not sell products, but for the majority of owners reminder, 18 square concrete mixers security risks can not be ignored.
Plus 18 square concrete tanks, hydraulic systems and chassis, vehicle weight of 40 tons, so a big load for the vehicle beam pressure is very large, so we recommend that owners of a friend every day while driving, be sure to observe deformed and cracks in the existence of girders, moreover observe whether there are abnormal tire again check the brake system is sensitive, because of the large weight-bearing for the pressure braking system is very large, a car accident than a tiger, the owner must be safe cautious friend Driving.
6 square mixer reducer fault completely Solutions
For the six-party mixer a lot of friends at the time of purchase there is a fatal misconception that that vehicle carrying capacity is not, in order to save the cost of using domestic hydraulic parts, although now the quality of domestic hydraulic system compared to previous years, there It made great strides, but according to statistics, domestic parts failure rate generally appear in the first six months or so. With the implementation of the National Motor Vehicle Warranty policy, general size enterprises in the after-sales service or to do good, but if you frequently fails, frequent maintenance Well, I think in good customer service can not make up for the vehicle Quality of anger.
So we sell when the six-party mixer, usually recommend customers choose imported hydraulic system, because although the high cost of some of the car, but from the workers on maintenance costs and the cost of comprehensive evaluation, the inlet system to be cost-effective than the domestic system. For the domestic system has been purchased by the six-party mixer maintenance headache, but other places are Vehicles can continue to be used, we recommend the system can be completely replaced in the economic conditions permit, but not all vehicles under conditions consistent with replaceable heads must ensure that the system can interface to import fully consistent with the case before replacement
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