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It’s summer time and that means there’s a much better chance of seeing bare skin. Better yet , glowing and tanned skin! Especially if you work in an environment where the ladies dress according to the weather, seeing those long stems or getting glimpses of toned abdomens can almost act like an all-day aphrodisiac.

After work and weekends can feel like the summer vacation days of youth. Barbecues every night, softball and baseball games, going to the pool or beach, and just working in the yard can all seem so much more tantalizing and sensual than the long stretch of winter now behind us (there’s a reason why women are attracted to those hunky lawn boys and gardeners!).

You already know what you like in ladies’ summer fashions—the less the better, right? But, guys, how much thought do you put into what you’re wearing during the summer? Shorts, tee shirts, board shorts, and the like are all fine for the outside , but do you make any changes in your underwear choices for summer?

Perhaps you should. In fact, let me give you a woman’s perspective on men’s underwear choices. So when you do get the opportunity to take off your summer clothes, the ladies will be impressed by the fact that you’re not wearing some dingy tighty-whities!

Its About More Than Just Tighty-Whities

First off, I’m certainly not encouraging you to spend a lot of your free hours shopping for new drawers at the mall—how awkward! Nope, there are plenty of websites with good things for you to check out and some also have women’s lingerie. Pick up something for your gal at the same time!

Now, the type of underwear you choose is going to be somewhat reflective of your personality or, at least, the personality you want to present. So that’s where we’ll start.

If I see a guy wearing some basic briefs, as long as they aren’t white, I think they’re just perfectly normal. They don’t think about their underwear too much, but are aware enough to spice it up with different colors. Don’t get me wrong , though, some sparkling white (no stains allowed!) briefs on a summer tanned body can look awfully good, too, just don’t try to rock that look every single day.

Bikinis Are Not The Same As Tiny Speedos

Different varieties of men’s bikinis are also a good choice to show off summer bodies. There are styles ranging from the traditional narrow sides with more coverage in front and back, to some that are more moderate with more coverage all around but still more skin-baring than traditional briefs.

Different colors, different band widths, brand names displayed on the underwear, fabrics—all of these things can make a big difference in the bikini look. Generally, the rule should be: the more confidence you show in your bod, the less coverage you can get away with. Just, you know , beware of Borat issues that can make you look, well, comic.

Freshen Up Your Boxers For Summer

Boxers, of course, are still an option for summer wear. Switch these up, though, from your winter stock. Cotton is a good fabric choice for the summer, especially since it’s going to be hot!

It’s okay to get playful with boxers—brighter colors, stripes, plaid, etc. But no alcohol advertisements , smiley faces are pretty much out, as is anything that’s too cutesy or cartoonish. A good rule of thumb—if you can easily picture the pattern on a toddler boy, they’re probably too immature for you!

You may still be able to get away with some silk boxers for special night time activities, just make sure it’s cool enough so they’re not sticking unattractively to your legs and package. Also be careful not to get cheesy with your color selection. Keep it simple if you’re spicing up the fabric. Black is a good choice for silk or satin, year-round.

Pouches Aren’t Just For Kangaroos

Pouches aren’t just for body-builders, either. Regular guys can get away with them and they’re reportedly more comfortable and supportive for guys’ than some other selections. In case you haven’t been looking at this category for a while, you are not restricted to just the g-string type variety of pouch.

There are pouch styles that are appealing on any body type. These include boxer-brief pouches, and different types of bikini pouches. Although, in general, I say stay away from patterns, you can get away with some patterns for special occasions. Especially if you are very secure and have a good sense of humor.

Don’t be afraid to try different color choices with the pouch , either. You’re already showing the ladies that you’re confident just through your choice of the pouch, so it’s okay to look at more than just black (though black is a strong choice if you’re just too uncertain about colors).

Don’t Be Afraid To Change Your Habits

Some believe men are creatures of habit. It can be true that guys want to spend less energy than women in their fashion and appearance choices. It’s not a hard and fast rule, just a generalization.

There are advantages to changing things up, though. Women discover, as early as the preschool years that putting on different outfits can bring out different facets of their personality. It can also change how others view them.

Since guys don’t have as many fashion items to choose from (i.e., no dresses, skirts, high heels, etc.), perhaps there’s a built-in lack of creativity in clothing c Kettlebell Training o.
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