Concrete and Mortar Mixers

Concrete and Mortar Mixers

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Concrete and Mortar Mixers
<strong>Installation of concrete mixing station is important to grasp the details</strong>
<p>The rapid development of China's construction industry, the construction of high-speed railway, subway and other transportation facilities, along with the rapid development of China's economic development, so that led to the concrete mixing station with the development trend of the industry to grow up. But we understand that many customers often have problems later after concrete mixing station, here to answer some questions for you today from the installation of concrete mixing station to begin with, can not be ignored is the first and most concrete mixing station installation details.</p>
<p>Users should check the installation before the installation of all equipment, installation tools, check the equipment and tools are complete, whether there are security risks then instaready mixed mobile iraq modular cement 35m3ll programs;
The most important attention to safety during installation, every employee must be provided with tools should be equipped with safety belt, any device regardless of lifting concrete mixing station must ensure that no person in the vicinity, especially below when lifting must have professional staff Command; above safety measures can be assured of a good note after installation;
Installation is to randomly check the installation dimensions and correct deviations;
When install any concrete mixing station end equipment hoisting midfielder solid connection, good connection after careful examination;
When installing each flange connection surface and remove water line flange connection surface should be coated sealing body;
During the installation weighing hopper is sure to ensure the safety of the sensor; a gas cap and valve sure to check each hose joints can not leak;
When installing concrete mixing station in each device to try to avoid a collision, bolts and nuts and welding areas must be guaranteed secure.</p>
<strong>Concrete mixing station site layout needs attention?</strong>
<p>Concrete mixing plant commonly used in concrete large projects, long duration, the site focused on large-scale projects, because concrete mixing stations belonging to the joint means mixing concrete, so it is particularly important venue layout, you need between the various scientific and rational system for assembly, If the installation space is limited, and this will lead to concrete mixing station can not reasonably complete system assembly, but also consider the operation of the concrete mixing station transportation of materials and finished material transportation is convenient, only reasonable decorating the venue in order to ensure the progress of the project.</p>
<p>Concrete mixing station can be used for a more flexible arrangement according to the actual situation of the construction site. But before installation site should be flat in good condition, and compacted bulk sample press release position (the bulk sample should be retained after the installation is completed to), well in advance of the support base of the components of the mixed material storage bin and powder Concrete piers material supply system to stay good secondary grouting anchor bolt holes. But at the same time to pay attention to the following issues:</p>
<p>1, the installation of ground equipment to choose in an open place, in order to shorten the feeding period loader. It also ensures that the finished material transport vehicles turn facilitate smooth powerful and noninterference in each other.
2, pre-ground to ensure flatness and all size requirements, so that the device is securely installed, lap reasonable. Because the quality of the ground is good or bad will affect the normal work and use quality equipment.
3. Depending on the configuration size of the venue, the case of raw materials and piling loader to determine the ingredients on the feed side of the unit.
4, to facilitate the loader feeding on the feed side should set the dosing unit of sloping pier, between which and ingredients unit should be able to keep a channel free access to inspections in order to facilitate the operation of equipment and inspections, repairs and maintenance. Meanwhile, in the slope between the pier and feed ingredients should be the erection of protective fence unit to avoid the loader when the material spilled material buildup, adversely affect the normal operation of the concrete mixing station set material belt machine.</p>
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