By launching a project Serdar Tasci Jersey

By launching a project Serdar Tasci Jersey

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Advanced Video Analytics In IP Security Cameras internet based security system Blues Shayne Corson Jersey , which uses a LAN network or the Internet as a crucial tool for surveillance. IP system delivers secure and real time images of an event; as well as, the flexibility to show both full motions and still images.

IP surveillance requires a network cable and Internet to transmit images from analog cameras andor IP cameras over public networks. IP systems allow live video and still image transfer at an average of 30 frames per second into a standard, easy to use Web browser, so video can be viewed in real time from police cars or security departments. IP based systems also provide motion detection, auto time and data stamps, easy transfer of visuals, and post-alarm messaging. Authorized people can log on to the system remotely to see what锟絪 happening in their offices and businesses. IP-based video surveillance lets organizations monitor, prevent andor respond to emergency situations more effectively and affordably, via the Internet.

Benefits of using IP Surveillance Systems:

1. Remote access anytime Blues Scott Gomez Jersey , anywhere:
One of the best features of IP Systems is remote access because it gives you the ability to access real-time video from any computer from any country in the world which saves time and cost, and also you can control the cameras from any point of the network. All videos and images are stored on a convenient back up data store.
2. High Resolution:
The other great feature of IP systems is the high resolution that this system can handle, which is four time better that the traditional CCTV systems. The result is an excellent live video quality.
3. Functionality:
IP systems can handle several applications and can also be transported via a variety of media.

4. Scalability:
Plug and Play is the term which describes an IP system, for small installation and flexibility to enlarge it because any additional camera can be added on the network without extra cabling.
5. Cost Effective:
IP Camera System can be cost effective. Firstly, it reduces the cost of cabling in large installation. And secondly, it reduces the network infrastructure by using the same network for both, the transportation of video and control of PTZ (reduce the amount of cables).
6. Flexibility:
IP systems have the ability to integrate with an existed CCTV. Then, we can connect it to a LAN, DSL Blues Ryan Reaves Jersey , modem, wireless adapter or even a mobile phone.
7. Wide area connectivity:
On the contrary of a CCTV system, an IP system can cover a large area of connectivity.
8. Secure communication:
By using IP systems, you get the necessary authentication and encryption to make sure that your system is not exposed to hackers. And of course more secure image capture and transmission.

This is one of the IP Cameras used in CCTV:
The Cohu 7100 Series is more than just a camera: it锟絪 a suite of intelligent surveillance tools combined in a multi-megapixel, high resolution CMOS camera. The 7100 Series is essentially a UNIX derived computing device combined with a high resolution, progressive scan CMOS sensor and Ethernet interface. The imager has a minimum of 1288 (horizontal) x 1028 (vertical) pixels. The Ethernet interface is 10100B ase-T.

Camera Format: model dependent, from 1280x1024 to 2048x1536, input Voltage: 24 Vac (interior model) or 115 Vac (model dependent), exterior Housing: Sealed and pressurized barrel style Blues Robert Bortuzzo Jersey , IP67 rated, temperature (Operating): 锟?0锟紺 to 60锟紺 (no heaters are used).

By providing computing power on the camera board, virtually; every task that the camera is required to perform is accomplished without external computers or programs. The JPEG image compression can be configured for low-bandwidth networks and maximum bandwidth efficiency while still providing high quality video. On-board features include on-chip digital image manipulation, user-defined motion detection windows, alarm inputoutputs, and built-in web page viewer.

IP Security Systems have put a pile of advantages and benefits over the conventional CCTV, the reason which increased the sales and popularity of these systems. But technology is a crazy market, so you may see different technology within couple of years or even months which can put another pile of advantages over the IP Security Systems, so you just have to wait and see.

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