Concrete mixing station common faults and troubleshooting

Concrete mixing station common faults and troubleshooting

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<strong>Concrete mixing station common faults and troubleshooting (IV)</strong>
<p>Rain belt slipping
Symptom: slip on rainy days, inclined belt with a load operation.
Analysis: Rainy Day, the aggregate of the water and the exposed parts of the belt is easy to damp, humid belt especially inner damp, reducing the coefficient of friction between the belt and the driving drum, yhzs90 mobile concrete mixing plantthe drum twisted torch passed to reduce the belt, the moment conveyor belt material is less than the required torque, the belt on slipping.
Process: 1, increase the weight belt tensioner or belt tension adjustment screw, increase positive pressure between the belt and the drum, so as to achieve the frictional force between the drive roller and the belt.
2. Adjust the tension roller near the drive roller, increasing the belt on the driving drum wrap angle, increasing friction.
3, the drive roller bag layer cut straight groove, increasing the friction coefficient.
4. The first three methods can not, replace the slip rollers.</p>
<strong>Concrete mixing station Common Faults and exclusion method (e)</strong>
<p>Belt damage
Symptom: After using an end time, the belt surface appear unglued, crack, scratch and so on.
Analysis: Metal Belt Cleaner, if not timely adjustment, easy to damage the belt, causing the belt surface of the rubber off. Cleaning is not installed properly, relatively sharp gravel stuck between the sweeper would damage the belt. The belt itself, poor quality, but also prone to these defects.
Process: Once the belt unglued, cracks, scratches and other defects, should be promptly repaired. When the belt damage occurs, we must first solve the factors that cause belt damage, such as damage to the cleaner, you need to immediately adjust or replace the sweeper, then promptly repair the belt. Belt damage is very small, it can be used rubber belt repair site repair. When the belt surface is larger damage or partial damage to grave,
The straps cut off local damage, replace some belt, cement or pin reed. The belt damage not in time, when the damage spread to the whole of the belt, there is no repair value, only the entire replacement.</p>
<strong>Concrete mixing station common faults and troubleshooting (VI)</strong>
<p>Conveyor belt aggregate uneven
Symptom: Aggregate called to unload the material on the belt there is accumulation, causing the belt bulk, or on a belt conveyor aggregate vacancy caused pebbles bulk.
Analysis: Aggregate multiple dosing station to discharge the order and time interval of the belt can be freely adjusted at any time. General unloading sequence requirements for the final discharge of aggregate sand, discharge interval claim falls on the tailstrap to former aggregate exactly coincide with the latter aggregate fell on the head of the belt. Such as the time interval is too short, the former and the latter aggregate aggregate overlapping stacking, stacking will cause too much bulk materials, such as the time interval is too large, there are two kinds of aggregate intermediate space, the former If the material is gravel, then the belt roll and fall down.
1, the aggregate adjusted discharge order, ensure the sand for the last discharge.
2, according to the distribution of the belt aggregate adjustment of various aggregate discharge interval, ensure that the material on the belt continuous, evenly distributed. Interval normally takes several adjustments.......</p>
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