We are trying

We are trying

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But the company will be impatient if companies fall behind its programme of pandora jewelry online continuous improvement. Andersen is ready to challenge these partners to become the very best retailers in their towns and cities, and will not allow them to settle for being just the best jewellers. “We need our franchisees to think like retailers, not just as jewellers. They need to become much better retailers, ” he demands. “Retailers think about every aspect of retail. I don’t think jewellers think that way. They think that they are good retailers, but they could be so much better, ” he adds. The very best retailer in the world, Andersen says, is Apple. “I love going into Apple stores. You are met as you go into a store. They serve you from an iPhone. The products are always in store.

Apple does retail very, very well. ”It isn’t impossible to pandora essence jewelry imagine Pandora stores morphing into something looking and behaving like an Apple store. “We are trying, ” says Andersen. “We are already starting to sell in store from iPads. Sales staff can even swipe credit cards from these iPads so there is no need to go to the tills. ”Pandora franchisees may argue that there is a vast difference between selling an Apple line up limited to phones, tablets and laptops. They have to sell thousands of different charms, earrings, rings and pendants. “That is true, ” Andersen admits. “But I am a sucker for details, and that is why we are successful. I know it is a challenge, but that is what we must do. “We could just sit back and say 2015 was a fantastic year so we can have a nice relaxing 2016. That would be the beginning of the end. I want to pandora sterling silver charms push our franchisees.

I want to push them to become the best retailers around, not just the best jewellers. I want our owner operated stores to be even better. We want to be the best retailers out there, ” he demands. Pandora A S shares slid in Copenhagen after the jewelry maker’s sales and profit missed estimates, a rare occurrence for a company renowned for raising forecasts. Second quarter revenue rose 20 percent to 4. 33 billion kroner ($645 million). That was less than the average analyst estimate of 4. 54 billion kroner, the first miss in two and a half years. A 23 percent gain in earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization also came up short of projections. The stock fell as much as 6. 8 percent. Earnings disappointments are unusual for Pandora, whose silver charm bracelets have become a signature gift for women and inspired stellar sales growth for at pandora bracelet sale least a decade.
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