Maintenance and inspection mixer handbrake

Maintenance and inspection mixer handbrake

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Maintenance and inspection mixer handbrake
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Mixer crucial handbrake, maintenance, inspection handbrake is indispensable owners, effectiveness decreases with the handbrake will increase the frequency of use, many times, because the owners think they have to pull up the handbrake, but in fact because the handbrake failure or pull position not yet reached the point of their work and the accident, and therefore need to regularly check the effectiveness of the handbrake.
    Truck handbrake systems are acting on the rear wheels. And because of the different forms of the rear brake, handbrake there are two working environment: The installation of rear drum brakes, drum brakes due itself can serve as the parking brake, and therefore in the pgood quality pipe screw conveyor for foodarking of the car brake drum shoe and friction plates engage, so that you can generate braking force. And in the installation of rear disc brakes, because there is no brake drums, so you must install additional parking brake drum brake disc in the center to make the handbrake complete brake job.
    When Specifically, it is the system of internal mixer fitted with the handbrake ratchet and pawl, after the handbrake pulled up on the ratchet pawl will be stuck, so handbrake automatic locking, which is what we in the tensioning lever Reason will hear a "click" sounds.
    Has an adjustable compensation mechanism at the junction handbrake handle and copper bottom, loosen the lock nut with a wrench, you can stretch the length of the brake copper. If the inspection, we found handbrake braking efficiency or sensitivity is not ideal, you can adjust the handbrake operating copper to resolve.
Handling Precautions truck mixer
 1, before starting the mixer, the mixing tube should be operating handle on the "stop" position.
    2, after the mixer starting the engine, should make the mixing drum is rotated at low speed for about 10 minutes, so that the hydraulic oil temperature to rise above 20 ℃ only after work.
    3, when the mixer parked in the open air, before mixing tube should reverse charging, discharging the water and debris, to ensure the quality of concrete.
    4, concrete mixer during transport, to ensure slide hopper is placed firmly to prevent loosening caused by swing, injuring pedestrians or affect the normal operation of other vehicles in the road.
    5, shipping Mixed Concrete mixer, mixing tube speed of 2-10 rev / min, during transport, on a flat surface to ensure that the mixing tube speed 2-3 rev / min, with the roll slope greater than 50 road, or from side to side a large road, you should stop being swirled until the road improved after the restoration swirled.
    6, time delivery of concrete mixer concrete mixing station can not exceed the stipulated time. Transit concrete mixing tube can not be stopped for a long time, to prevent concrete segregation phenomenon generated. Drivers should always observe the concrete situation, abnormal timely information dispatch room, make the application process.
    7, when the car is equipped with concrete mixers, dead time at the site can not be more than one hour, such as overtime responsible person should immediately ask to be given a timely manner.
    8, transport concrete mixer slump of not less than 8cm.From the concrete into the tank to the discharge can not be more than two hours to discharge high temperature, the rainy weather temperature is low, it may not be more than 2.5 hours.
    9, prior to discharge concrete mixer, mixing tube should be rotated at 10-12 rev / min speed 1 minute, and then discharge.
    10, concrete mixer discharge is completed, you should immediately turn on the water to feed inlet hose with a lorry, the hopper and the discharge chute and other parts of rinse, drain the dirt and adhesive residue around the body in concrete, and then To the stirring cylinder injection water 150-200L, to make the return journey stirring drum rotates slowly to clean wall, to avoid residual material residue attached to the cylinder wall and the stirring leaves, and again before loading these water discharge out.
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