new mini mobile concrete batch plant china manufacturer

new mini mobile concrete batch plant china manufacturer

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new mini mobile concrete batch plant china manufacturer
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<strong>Brief commercial concrete mixing station management system used</strong>
<p>Concrete mixing station as a large concrete production systems, especially for large commercial concrete mixing station, there must be an efficient and comprehensive management system for scientific, systematic and professional management. Every day, and mixing station to introduce the relevant knowledge, many people may neglect mixing station management system used, and today we talk about some of the special and concrete mixing plants common knowledge 2016 new products concrete pump pipe linemanagement system it. Dawson production mixing station, for example, the company production and sales of each product mixing station, are equipped with the appropriate management systems. For large commercial concrete mixing station, this is a must, companies generally advise customers with stirring station with purchase, so the price is relatively favorable; and for small and medium sized engineering concrete mixing station, a company will advise clients based on the actual production of less With this large-scale management system, if the customer does need to be tying. Commonly used concrete mixing station management system from the difference between the management system, it provides are the following: ERP management system. Effective to provide the information collection and management of concrete mixing station, mixing station reduce operating costs, make management more transparent, scientific and efficient. Voice broadcast system. For real-time playback according to the actual production mixing station, the main station for the dispatcher and stirred service director. Capable of accurate information and vehicle scheduling broadcast production plant workers, can effectively supervise operations mixing station. LED display system scheduling. Designed specifically for real-time changes in production and vehicle scheduling concrete mixing station display, is set scheduling, called the car, notice as one of the dedicated led display system.</p>
<strong>Environmentally friendly concrete mixing station fully enclosed concrete mixing station</strong>
<p>environment-friendly concrete mixing station show - with full closed system to reduce dust pollution, reduce noise emissions; indoor temperature easy control, whole In production, the winter will not be affected; long material storage cycle, from wind and rain the weather; concrete mixing evenly, easy splice tanker, transport and quick; appearance of the atmosphere, the classic building design, see the cement silo, even downtown also As lively as life Square, well-equipped laboratory. <br> & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; environmentally friendly concrete mixing station must meet the urban environmental quality and emissions targets, to complete the production requirements range device combination of concrete, generally consists of a closed quarry, the main building as a whole package, conveyor systems, dosing devices, mixing system, dust collection system, waste recycling waste water treatment systems, bunker overpressure safety systems, enterprise resource management systems and other components.</p>
<strong>Environmentally friendly concrete mixing station with respect to traditional concrete mixing plant advantages:</strong>
<p>1, closed yard. Mixing station to meet the aggregate (including sand, stone) stacking enclosed space transport; <br> 2, the main building as a whole package. Main mixing station stirring appearance overall packaging, noise and dust; <br> 3, aggregate automatic feeding systems. Cancel night on sand and gravel material loaders, using classification automatic feeding; <br> 4, collecting compulsory. Mixing station initiative process to meet each dust dust emission points; <br> 5, zero waste water discharge. Mixing stations to meet the collection and recycling of all waste water discharge point; <br> 6, automatic car wash equipment. To meet within the mixing station concrete trucks automatic cleaning; <br> 8, bunker overpressure safety systems. Security protection for powder feed bin ultrahigh pressure carried out; <br> 9, enterprise resource management system. Mixing station to meet the unified management of internal resources software system. <br> development of environmentally friendly concrete mixing stations and popularity is a long process, but eventually will spread.</p>
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10m3 cnhtc dasion concrete mixer truck
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