exertion with some

exertion with some

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For most runners it’s all about the finishing line – training hard, racing tough and getting there as fast as you can. But instead of hurtling straight back into daily life the second your pulse has returned to normal, take time to recharge yourself physically and mentally. Whether you have just a few minutes or an hour or more, a well-honed post-run routine will boost your health – and improve your running. Here’s what to do post-run –Adidas ZX Flux Femme 10 top tips

Stress hormones such as cortisol are pumping through your body during an intense run. Calm your body afterwards with a body-scan meditation. ‘This will help you release tension that can lead to stiff muscles, as well as calming you physically and mentally,’ says fitness and mindfulness coach John Lingley. Take a few seconds to focus on each part of your body, working your way up from your feet. Focus on how each part feels and if you sense tightness or pain take in a long breath and release the tension on as you breathe out. ‘Post-run is the perfect time to connect with your body and notice how it feels and what it needs,’ says John.

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Release tension and regenerate your mind and body after all the Nike Air Max Classic BW Dam exertion with some www.sewbazaar.co.uk mindful breathing. Nike Air Huarache Femme ‘Take deep in and out breaths from your belly, rather than shallow breaths. Count five in and five out, as this is the optimum time and cycle for calming your heart rate and body,’ says Debbie Banks, a mindfulness and meditation coach (at timeout-retreats.co.uk) who has competed internationally in triathlon. Take five to 10 minutes after a race to focus on your breathing.
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