How to use the sand making machine correctly and reasonably?

How to use the sand making machine correctly and reasonably?

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Proper use of the sand making machine not only improves the service life of the equipment, but also reduces the small problems that occur in production, improves production efficiency, and creates maximum economic benefits for users. Below we explain how to use the sand making machine correctly and reasonably.

1. Check whether the vortex chamber is closed before starting the machine to prevent the material from rushing out of the vortex chamber and causing danger.
2. Check the direction of rotation of the impeller, as seen from the direction of the inlet. The impeller should be turned counterclockwise, otherwise the motor wiring should be adjusted.
3. The starting sequence of crusher and conveying equipment is: discharging→crushing machine→feeding crusher must be started at no load, and can be fed after the crusher is running normally. The order of shutdown is the reverse of the boot sequence.
4. The incoming granules are strictly in accordance with the specified requirements. It is forbidden to enter the crusher larger than the specified materials. Otherwise, the impeller unbalance and the impeller excessive wear will be caused. The base will cause the impeller passage and the center feed pipe to be blocked, so that the crusher can not work normally. It has been found that large feeds should be excluded in time.
5. When the discharge device is stopped, the feeding should be stopped in time. Otherwise, the impeller will be crushed and the motor will be burnt.
6. The feeding force is continuous and uniform.
7. During the operation of the crusher, there must be no severe vibration or abnormal noise. Otherwise, it should be stopped for inspection.
8. the lubrication of the machine

Lubrication is a dry oil lubrication method. When the sand making machine is working, add an appropriate amount of grease. After working for several shifts, open the main bearing to clean the main bearing and replace the bearing if necessary.
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