SiC Pipe manufacturers

SiC Pipe manufacturers

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Reaction bonded sic beam is mainly used for load-bearing structure frame for tunnel kiln,shuttle kiln and many other kilns.The characteristics of sic beam are high loading capacity under high temperature,no bending deformation with long service life, high thermal conductivity,save energy consumption obviously without increasing the weight of the kiln car. Sic beam is the ideal kiln furniture for sanitary ware,domestic ceramic and other industries.Recently Newthink(NTK) have developed a new style frame type energy-saving sic beam depending on customer usage,provide customers the better energy-saving solution.Our company has transformed hundreds of kiln cars for domestic and overseas customers,and has created large profits for our customers.

Advantages of frame type energy-saving kiln furniture sic beam:
the weight is 30% of the traditional SIC kiln furniture
the load density is 1.4 times as the traditional SIC kiln furniture
the energy consumption is 30% lower than the traditional SIC kiln furniture
the trolley speed is 40% faster than the traditional SIC kiln furniture


Advantages of Newthink(NTK):
1.All of the chemical raw materials are imported from Germany,such as carbon black,water reducer,adhesive etc.EVONIK,ORION,ZSCHIMMER,SCHWARZ and other famous manufacturers.
2.The sintering furnace we used for sic beam is imported from Germany,then we have made some improvements,the load bearing capacity is more higher,sintering strength is more stronger,the porosity is close to 0,the end product yield rate is more higher.
3.We have a complete after-sales service system,sic beam provide one year warranty for customers,and we will also provide you a better solution if you meet any problems during application. SiC Pipe manufacturers
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