Do you think Miss Ling do not know it Do you think Miss Ling

Do you think Miss Ling do not know it Do you think Miss Ling

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"Xu Li, are you liable to retribution. Do you think Miss Ling do not know it Do you think Miss Ling any husband would do whatever you do" Lin Liqun single word growled. "What about me fart I just want the money only." Xu force at all rude. "The old man to give you enough money You have to do this, how do you worthy of the old man." Lin Liqun seem bitter. Before he saw Xu Li and Cheng Xi appears, Lin Liqun face is consternation. He did not think that the two are now over so quickly. This means that the rest of the Xu family have come. But unfortunately, he has not finished signing Ling Maimai here, so that all things have become complicated again. Xu Li wild ambition of these people, how could you not know Lin Liqun. So Lin Liqun has reminded Ling Maimai, but there are some things he did not say so directly, because he did not have time to say so directly. As a result, thousands of operators 000 operator, is not considered to have necessarily their speed so fast. "Xu Zheng think that point the old man sent me.Womens Dak Prescott Jersey When I was stupid" Xu Li Leng Heng, "I want a Xu group." "Xu Group has not seemingly so the scenery!" Xu Lin Liqun force attempting to make up. "Do not sell the scenery than Xu Zheng that point the old man to the front alms do not know how much." Xu Li did not complain. "You ......" Lin Liqun know what to say in vain. Xu Li and Cheng Xi looked a lust that face, and then think of their phone calls to Lingmai Mai, inevitably, the Lin Liqun some regret it. But he also understood that if they do not call it, the first time people will die here of their own, instead of someone else. After "in Xu, all the information here." Cheng Xi quickly turned a pass, facing Xu Li said. "Very good." Xu Li is very satisfied nod. Two of dialogue, Lin Liqun involuntary fear for a moment, his mind passing uneasy premonition, he has a chance to say what, when, Cheng Xi has been tied to the Lin Liqun. "What do you d.Youth Dak Prescott Jersey o" Asked Lin Liqun immediate opening. "What are you doing" Xu Li cold smile, "I'm a lawyer, your job is done, I
tly towards the inner rushed to the Hilton Hotel. Hilton has notified police, conducted a closed shop. But it did not disturb anyone. "Off the total." Hilton, head of Hill personally came out to greet Chen Guan Yu, "We conducted a closed shop, do not accept anyone stay, guests do not now have to leave the store." "Hard." Guan Yu Chen should sound. Jiang Rui subsequently connected: "The two men had a message for accommodation with the results" "Sorry, can not find the two men and passports reservation message." Hill also looked very sorry, "we excluded, only the Chinese have access to these floors." "No one has seen service personnel that the two" Rui Jiang asked to continue. "There are, however uncertainty floor, especially not with a passport registered, even more difficult to find. Authentic Jerseys ." Hill said, frowning. At this time, Guan Yu Chen who quickly said: "Chen fewer videos found, they enter the twenty-seven." "Check all tenants 27 layers." Hill did not wait to speak Guan Yu Chen, he has commanded fast forward. "Yes." Front desk person quickly tap the keyboard, "a total of five layers 27 executive suites, is currently full. Currently it a suite was never left." "Room No." "2708." front man quickly called the number. Guan Yu Chen and Jiang Rui is the first time entered the elevator, do not do anything to stay, direct access to twenty seven. A twenty seven, all of whom hold your breath, to go towards 2708. "Chen little." Jiang Yu Chen Rui looked off, waiting for the next instruction Guan Yu Chen. "Unlock." Guan Yu Chen told the calm. "Yes." Jiang Rui took silencer spare room card, after a quick brush, open the door. They entered, I saw Lingmai Mai fell to the ground, and Cheng Xi Ling Maimai is preparing to start. When Guan Yu Chen and Jiang Rui appeared, all the people are shocked at. Guan Yu Chen to take advantage of this moment, the rapid Ling Maimai back to his side. Cheng Xi at the same time raised his pistol, facing Chen Guan Yu's forehead. Guan Yu and Chen gloomy face, except Senleng, no other emotion, absolutel

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