Personalized Clothes Wholesale Xu Li Leng Heng I

Personalized Clothes Wholesale Xu Li Leng Heng I

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Personalized Clothes Wholesale Xu Li Leng Heng I
"Xu Li, are you liable to retribution. Do you think Miss Ling do not know it Do you think Miss Ling any husband would do whatever you do" Lin Liqun single word growled. "What about me fart I just want the money only." Xu force at all rude. "The old man to give you enough money You have to do this, how do you worthy of the old man." Lin Liqun seem bitter. Before he saw Xu Li and Cheng Xi appears, Lin Liqun face is consternation. He did not think that the two are now over so quickly. This means that the rest of the Xu family have come. But unfortunately, he has not finished signing Ling Maimai here, so that all things have become complicated again. Xu Li wild ambition of these people, how could you not know Lin Liqun. So Lin Liqun has reminded Ling Maimai, but there are some things he did not say so directly, because he did not have time to say so directly. As a result, thousands of operators 000 operator, is not considered to have necessarily their speed so fast. "Xu Zheng think that point the old man sent m.Womens Dak Prescott Jersey e When I was stupid" Xu Li Leng Heng, "I want a Xu group." "Xu Group has not seemingly so the scenery!" Xu Lin Liqun force attempting to make up. "Do not sell the scenery than Xu Zheng that point the old man to the front alms do not know how much." Xu Li did not complain. "You ......" Lin Liqun know what to say in vain. Xu Li and Cheng Xi looked a lust that face, and then think of their phone calls to Lingmai Mai, inevitably, the Lin Liqun some regret it. But he also understood that if they do not call it, the first time people will die here of their own, instead of someone else. After "in Xu, all the information here." Cheng Xi quickly turned a pass, facing Xu Li said. "Very good." Xu Li is very satisfied nod. Two of dialogue, Lin Liqun involuntary fear for a moment, his mind passing uneasy premonition, he has a chance to say what, when, Cheng Xi has been tied to the Lin Liqun. "What do you.Youth Dak Prescott Jersey do" Asked Lin Liqun immediate opening. "What are you doing" Xu Li cold smile, "I'm a lawyer, your job is done, I
Otherwise, Tsui how could this be If it were not very understanding person, such a thing is impossible to burst. Moreover, Tsui stable foundation now those things that simply can not take Tsui how kind! "
Xu Xu family around the mansion lobby constantly talking about things these days, a lot of people say the mouth tough, but his face has gradually started not calm. Xu destruction means that they will have nothing to rely on this point now tell your thought before you luxurious life is wishful thinking. Before, let alone had life, even in New York, would like to continue to live an affluent area of it, can not afford to maintain all of these high costs. This allows always been spoiled and pampered Xu family is totally unacceptable. At this time, Alex's old housekeeper received. Authentic Jerseys an international call, the moment that his face became paler up. Xu family have been around in the past, I can not help but have some panic face. "In the end how is it You'd quickly say ah, who's phone ah" Xu family urged. Butler quite a while to find their own voice, saying: "... Mr. Xu Li jumped to his death in the town forest g lawyer murdered, the killer is Mr. Xu Li and Cheng Xi Xi Cheng also died of g City Hotel" "What" Xu family shocked three steps back. Originally, they speculate the murderer behind all this, even at the moment have become a cold body. This presence of people looked at each other, it seems that could not find a more suitable candidate. Because the rest of the Xu family is here concentrated there. It would be Alex for decades the biggest variable. "Do not." Someone exclaimed aloud. Everyone uniform look to the man exclaimed. "These are Lingmai Mai property inheritance, and we did not have any relationship. These things follow-debt problems should be Ling Maimai things right!" "Right, that's it!" Nausea Xu family at this time fully demonstrated. Before Alex insatiable greed and property in the event of such a thing, the face instantly changed. Self-preservation, is the best strategy. Just Xu family into a new

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