SANY Excavator SY500 Target European and American High-end M

SANY Excavator SY500 Target European and American High-end M

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Shanghai Bauma exhibition was held on Nov, 22. With its five main machine departments and nine part companies, Sany Group attended this exhibition. There are 50 brand new machines and 115 parts in SANY’s 5278 SQ meters exhibition area. In this exhibition, SANY heavy machinery brought many star excavators, including heavy load excavators SY245H, SY305H, SY365H, SY395H, SY485H and SY500. excavator heavy equipment

In this Bauma Exhibition, SANY Group displayed its Sunday punch—the new generation of 50T Tire 4f discharge standard high-equipped excavator SY500. Hydraulic Excavator This machine is the existing heaviest tonnage excavator of SANY. The whole machine weighs 51688kg, and it adopts high-end engine with Tire 4f discharge standard. It not only meets the environment requirement of European market, but also with the strong digging force of 281N. SY500 can easily deal with any complex mining overload conditions. Mini Excavators for Sale

Especially for the mining working conditions, after many years meticulous design, SANY heavy-load series excavators SY245H, SY305H, SY365H, SY395H, SY485H and SY500H are the best in the machine performance, reliability, equipment adaptability. Small Excavators Also, these excavators exceed in the aspects of construction efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and durability. The appearance of SANY heavy load Heavy Excavator in Shanghai Bauma has caused great concern, and will become an important milestone in the heavy load excavator development history.
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