as Accessories are still to be bought

as Accessories are still to be bought

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Carlos Ruiz Suspended 25 Games - RealGM Wiretap
Carlos Ruiz has been suspended for the first 25 games of the 2013 season following a positive test for an amphetamine.

He had a career year in 2012 , hitting .325 with 16 homers and 68 RBIs in 114 games.

"I am sincerely regretful for my mistake in taking a prohibited stimulant," Ruiz said in a statement.

"I apologize to my teammates, the Phillies organization and the Philadelphia fans. I will serve the imposed 25-game suspension to begin the season and I look forward to returning to the field and working toward bringing a championship back to Philadelphia in 2013."

This had to be Ruiz's second positive test for a stimulant. An initial positive for a stimulant does not trigger a suspension, only that the player must undergo follow-up testing.

MLB Finds Cubs Didnt Tamper With Maddon - RealGM Wiretap

Major League Baseball has concluded its investigation into whether or not the Chicago Cubs tampering with Joe Maddon when hiring him this offseason. He was under contract with the Tampa Bay Rays until days before news of his hiring broke.

The following release was issued on Wednesday afternoon:

Major League Baseball has concluded its tampering investigation regarding Joe Maddon’s departure from the Tampa Bay Rays and his subsequent hiring as manager of the Chicago Cubs. The investigation produced no finding of a violation of Major League Rule 3(k) on Tampering.

锘? Event management during birthday bashes are rejuvenating. It does involve honest toil and endless periods of quality time but at the end it is worth it as it helps parent child bond formation like nothing does. The first step towards planning out a birthday bash is not the preparation of a list of birthday party supplies as you may think it is, instead the thinking up of a suitable theme for the party; for party accessory choice is subject to the theme. Party planners have several themes to choose from as for example gender based themes: For Boys: Sports basket ball, baseball, foot ball, cars , etc. Superhero themes like Spiderman, He man, Batman, Tarzan, Popeye, et cetera. Speed racer Bob the builder Pirate themes that can include specific costumes and accessories like the pirate ship, flag, eye patch etc. For girls: Disney Princess Hannah Montana Beach Party Cute Kittens Barbie girls Now that you have hit upon a suitable theme , let us make a list of the birthday party supplies we would need: Decorations 1. Party lights: The party setting can be made more alluring by innovative glow items. The same come in all possible sizes. For instance, they can be bought as glow pens, light sticks, light straws or glowing cups. Also, the vividly hued fiber lights can add the extra glow to the party. 2. Birthday party balloons: Balloons must match the party theme. For instance, a Disney Princess theme demands balloons in the form of Disney characters. Animal print balloons, Hannah Montana Print Balloons and customized balloons containing personal messages and snapshots of the birthday child are other more exciting options available. 3. Pinatas: These are toy and candy filled colourful and attractive containers that must be broken open by blindfolded children. They come in several forms so that all popular party themes can have matching pinatas. For example, there are High School Musical , Disney Princess, Cookie Master and several other types of pinatas. 4. Centerpiece: The party theme can best be accentuated by the centerpiece. The centerpiece can be placed atop a table or it can hang from the ceiling. Go for the centerpiece that matches your party theme to a T: gold star, silver star, disco, Hollywood etc. 5. Confetti: Weddings may be the traditional parties where confetti is used, but even birthday bashes are open to it. Floral or sports confetti can be used in children s parties. Metal confetti is not an option for the kiddies as they might come to injury over them. 6. Personalized Birthday banners: Banners can be personally designed for one s party. They must be complete with birthday wishes and messages for the birthday boy or girl what better way to express one鈥檚 love for one s baby? 7. Air blown decorations: These are air filled outlines that may adopt life like sizes also and add magnificence to the party. The Birthday cake, say a donkey or Disney characters may be the shapes the inflation s may adopt. Also, birthday party balloons would look absolutely fabulous in any setting. We have not reached the end of the journey yet , as Accessories are still to be bought. Some accessories a host might need would be: 1. Costumes that suit your theme. 2. Jewellery garlands, necklaces, bracelets etc. 3. Boas can be used to add colour and style to your party. 4. Wrist streamers look festive enough for a party. 5. Poms poms and batons look sporty and cheery and set the mood right in the party. 6. There are also tiaras, sashes, Hula skirts and hats in the birthday party supplies. The decor and accessories in place, the taste buds are waiting to be tickled, too. Food items are the next to be tackled birthday party Supplies: Party Food: 1. Birthday Bake: The important birthday party food is the birthday cake. It would excite your kid to have a cake with his favourite cartoon character on it. It should reflect your party theme. Be very careful in giving specific orders in terms of material used in the making of the cake. It should have the recommended food grade and should be edible for safe consumption. 2. Drinks: Drinks are important in parties light and bracing drinks feel great. However, the health of the children must not be compromised during drink selection. Fresh fruit juices are a good bet. Lichee and strawberry juices mixed with honey and mint is a nice , colourful option. For a more creative effect, top up the drink with theme supporting figures .
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