A little tips for the CS:GO new(5 steps)

A little tips for the CS:GO new(5 steps)

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Step 3: the pros and cons of weapons

Practice a few hours of death competition (community dead play clothes), I suggest that each practice AK or M4 can kill more than 100, spy is the same, the beginning may be difficult, but must remember: you will stop Death, the enemy may be in the absence of any warning in the case behind you to kill you,cs go Coin Flip remember not to complain and feel frustrated. In the death race, your goal is only headshot, headshot, and headshot. If someone jumped out to scare you, give him a short splash of water to send him rebirth. Or practice emergency stop and headshot, I also recommend you go to some 1V1 server, just like the death race, but you have to fight with another player. With any weapon can be, flash bombs can (but now do not recommend using this), then you start playing guns.

Squat / dodge:

As I said, squatting is the second way to kill your opponent. Let me make it clear that this is the second way you have killed a low level or ordinary level of the player. Squatting is a cs go Coin Flip Seiten more advanced action, I will be more in-depth understanding of why in that moment to squat, but first of all we first talk about squatting and standing differences and pros and cons.

The advantage of squatting: slightly improve the accuracy.

Squatting shortcomings: slow moving speed, the character model will be reduced together, this will make a better hit across.

The advantages of standing: moving fast, hit the scope of smaller, more difficult to be hit.

The shortcomings of standing: the precision is slightly reduced.

After summarizing the pros and cons, let us look at the squatting in the end how much increase. I mentioned this in the previous section, but here is a more detailed description.

Open an offline map without a computer player, open the console when the map is loaded, enter:

sv_cheats 1

weapon_debug_spread_show 1

Sv_cheats 1

Weapon_debug_spread_show 1

Then close the console.

You will see the yellow brackets around your sight, and the bullets may reach any area in these yellow brackets. Every gun has a different trajectory, now squat, brackets reduced how much? For the vast majority of weapons, not a lot (sand eagle may be an exception).

Now, know the squatting of most of the weapons are not much of the addition, why do you want to squat? The answer is that it can serve as a means of fighting against the master. When we talk about the master, I mean the kind of players in the head before the shooting on your head, and then you seconds off. When they come out to explore their point of sight on your head, so they are likely to be in a face to take you seconds off.

As a novice, you may not encounter so many giants are more ordinary players. Ordinary players are more inclined to aiming sight on the ground or other places. When the enemy appears, they will move the sight to the enemy. And most of them are sweeping on the stomach.

So when everyone is an ordinary player, squatting will make your character model together so as to lead to more easily hit, and standing when the more dispersed and small. Not to mention, in the case of the correct point of view, most of the players pull over the general are to hit the enemy's stomach, squatting will be a headshot. This means that before you do not face the master, do not squat and people on the gun.

So, as I mentioned earlier, squatting is an advanced technique, but this is used to fight against the master, you know that the master will aim at your head to play, so when you squat in a corner, you may He burst his head before he pulled it. The gun is the same reason, you are splashing water, he is also splashing water, and then you squat, and they need to stop and so after the end of the recoil and then aim at your head, and you only need to move a little bit on the prospective head.

Against the master when the squat gives you some advantage, as long as you know when to use it. This means that you do not need to squat every time. :)
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