sufficient plumber to suit your needs or your friends.

sufficient plumber to suit your needs or your friends.

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In 1984 Trevor Siemian Broncos Jersey , the New China sent the first athletes to participate in the 23rd Los Angeles Olympic Games, and miraculously won 15 gold medals. Li Ning arrogate 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze six medals the Chinese excitement.

Also at that Olympic Games, Li Ning and the Jianlibao Group had first contact with the top.

4 years after the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, competition in the key rings, Li Ning, missed and fell off accidentally, the sudden fall from the top of idols. Back in Beijing, Li Ning alone remote access from a quiet exit … …

December 16, 1988, sponsored by Li Ning in the farewell party on Jianlibao announced his retirement. The following year, he accepted the general manager of Guangdong Jianlibao Group Co., Ltd. Special Assistant to the letter of appointment. Another year passed, the new (Singapore) joint venture was formally established Jianlibao sports apparel company, Li Ning became general manager.

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in 1990, appeared 500 million viewers know Li Ning

August 1990, wearing a white sportswear brand Li Ning Li Ning solemn cases from the hands of the Central Tibetan girl Dawa took over the 11th Beijing Asian Games flame fire. In order to win the Asian Games to host the torch relay activities, Li Ning took out 2.5 million yuan Von Miller Broncos Jersey , but he received the return, there are 2.5 billion Chinese and foreign viewers know from the news media, Li Ning.

Since then, the Li Ning brand developed even more successfully, at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, when Chinese Olympic athletes wearing sportswear brand Li Ning in the opening ceremony, the Li Ning moved to tears, he recalled: At that moment, I appreciate to the greatest of honor that sense of achievement than I had received the sum of all the medals.

In this wonderful debut entered by Nike, Adidas view of these giants in the same time, Li Ning has also recognized the strong future opponents, so in early 1994, he was invited to Beijing for the joint-stock company to do the next expert Liu Jipeng planning.

According to experts, Li Ning, the beginning of 1996 the company moved its headquarters from Beijing, Guangdong, and changed its name to sports apparel company Li Ning, a thorough goodbye Jianlibao.

Family net worth of Hong Kong-listed in 2004 as high as 1.6 billion

June 28 Womens Peyton Manning Jersey , 2004, Li Ning Group, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Li Ning, the family controls 46% of the companys shares, its net worth as high as 1.6 billion. That, he said, the media blandly: I am not a star icon, Im just a history of over ten years, business entrepreneur, a businessman.

The walk hand in hand with Li Ning Zhang Zhiyong, a 12-year view, in addition to the identity of entrepreneurs and businessmen in addition, he is more like a never stop dreaming dreamer. In 1997, the Asian financial crisis, a shrinking manufacturing sector, the company executives had to start thinking about the brand from the manufacturers for the first overall for the first layout. Li Ning said, Many entrepreneurs think that strategy is the most important, but I think that dream is more important than strategy Womens Tom Jackson Jersey , because the shape can be adjusted in all fields of professional companies can hire, the best people can absorb, which constitute enterprise development strategies, and their dreams are for the brand of services.

2005 limited edition color ink used to advertise the Lei Feng shoes Scoop astronomical

To achieve this goal, Li Ning has accelerated the pace of entering the international market, in addition to sponsoring the 4th Chinese Olympic athletes but also won the diving team, including China, table tennis teams almost Suo You smoke big money. The increasing number of foreign sports teams are included into the Li Ning perspective: the French gymnastics team in 2000 signed the 2004 world champion Spanish national signing basketball team in early 2005 to become the official NBA partner, then, Li Ning has become an official partner of the Swedish Olympic Committee … …

In the international market promotion strategy, the Li Ning was the steady and increasingly mature. Fortune magazine, business commentator describes it. In product development, Li Ning, Chinas clever use of the same element appears accurate but sophistication. Since 2005, Li Ning started playing basketball in the Chinese martial advertising sign, light running shoes in the ink colors used in advertising in Hong Kong the tenth anniversary of the reunification launched ILoveHongkong commemorative edition sneakers, and long ago launched a limited edition of the Lei Feng shoes more in line fired to a high price.

Li Ning a step by step to become an international brand, while also continue to consolidate the status of their own at home. But at the same time Womens Terrell Davis Jersey , they are receiving the most brutal competition. In 2008, a Li Ning and Nike, Adidas attacks war, in the Chinese market began.

Compete in the 2008 Olympic Gymnastics Wang Zishan play the edge ball

Olympic Games, Li Ning is the most deeply rooted throughout the complex.

When the July 13, 2001, Beijing won the bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games, nearly all regard the Li Ning and the cooperation of the Beijing Olympics as a matter of course. But the fact was proved, the reality is not as romantic as people imagine.

Beijing Olympic Games sponsors in the competition, Adidas financial advantage by virtue of the strong won. But the defeat does not mean that Li Nings Olympic strategy into a dead end, which they later resorted to a series of combination punches filled with Chinese wisdom.

In fact, as early as 2006, Li Ning will be signed with the CCTV Olympic Channel for all presenters, journalists tailored professional clothing. Doha Asian Games in 2006, this cooperation is already there. Therefore, during the Beijing Olympics, Li Ning brand logo will once again broadcast by CCTV Olympics Job Search Plannin.
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