Why needing a Phone Booth in office?

Why needing a Phone Booth in office?

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The value of a quiet space in today’s working world is a big one. Quiet space for in-depth work calls. Quiet space for personal calls. Quiet space to hammer out that last part of the project that has been nagging at your to-do list. Quiet space is valuable and desired and the privacy phone booth gives you quiet space.

Work calls: Have you ever been on a call with a client or prospective client and the background noise in your office makes it impossible to hear? Or you find it hard to concentrate on resolving a client’s issue because of the conversations your co-workers are having all around you? Instead of frantically waving your hand at people or throwing pens at them to keep it down (hey, it happens), move your call into the phone booth – a literal oasis of quiet in the middle of your office. Convenient and just what you need to get the job done.
Personal calls: Life used to be all about the work/life balance but today we all know it’s really about work/life integration. The lines between home and office are blurred and sometimes you just have to make personal calls during the work day. A conference call with your child’s teacher. A medical call for you or your parents. Now you have a place where you can take those calls in private. Trust us, it’s far more comfortable than the hallway or your car.
Project work: Sometimes you need 30 minutes of quiet to bang out the last part of a proposal or pull together your thoughts for a new marketing plan. You might be able to use an empty office or conference room but even with the door closed, you’re likely to be interrupted by a knock or two. At first glance you might think the phone booth offers less privacy than an office with its clear glass door, however when people see that you are hard at work they are far less likely to knock and interrupt. The booth is just the right place to find your focus and finish the project.

Phone Booth brings the following benefits to your office:

Privacy: Great sound insulation so your calls are private and you can’t hear office noise
Great Acoustics: Echo-free acoustics inside the booth so your calls are effective and the person on the other end isn’t wondering if you’re calling from the parking garage
Comfortable: Well-ventilated space, because sitting in a hot, stuffy place would not help your productivity
Free Standing Product: Easy to move and reassemble
Compact Size: Easy to place – it comes with everything in one neat package
Equipment Included: Table top, air ventilation, electric socket and LED lighting

In short, it’s not a phone booth so much as a private, flexible work space. The phone booth gives you a flexible, stylish piece of furniture that offers an echo-free, pleasant working environment.
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