Flexible office phone booth for open-plan offices

Flexible office phone booth for open-plan offices

Postautor: adtolily » 24 maja 2017, o 04:00

There is an attractive and practical room-within-a-room solution for focused work, small group meetings, or as a technology space in open-plan offices. Independent of the building itself, the Human Space Cube is based on a fully electrifiable building-block system and can be freely positioned within an open-plan room.

Office phone booth furniture is a flexible room-within-a-room for sound privacy, independent of the building itself, with ventilation system and integrated technical panel.

With the newly developed Telephone Cube, Bosse Design offers a functional and flexible solution to the difficulty of conducting confidential phone calls in open-plan offices, whether to make a doctor’s appointment or a call to the personnel department to discuss personal matters.
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