Barca’s cleaning list: 4 people must leave

Barca’s cleaning list: 4 people must leave

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This summer, günstige fifa 17 ultimate team coins xbox 360 Barcelona is facing the task of reconstruction. In the introduction of big players at the same time, the team also need to clean unnecessary redundant staff. Recently, the "Daily Sport newspaper" summed up a potential clean list of Barcelona, up to 10 people may be swept out of the red and blue army.
1, the probability of leaving 100%
In this list, four players were included in the ranks of the team, including Douglas, Vermaelen, Munir and Terry, 4 without exception, are the players leased outside the season.
Douglas's contract with Barcelona to expire in 2019, Barcelona may be sold back to Brazil, or continue to loan to the Spanish team. Vermaelen in Rome also suffered a crisis of injury, want to return to the city of Rome is not hope, it is learned that Waterford is very interested in the Belgian people.
Munir was flat during the lease of Valencia, the bat army is not prepared to use 12 million euros buyout terms. But there is no lack of Muriel, and transferred to the Dutch giants Ajax is also an option. Terry has been affirmed in Florence, the two sides have the will to continue to cooperate, but the problem is that Serie A giants do not want to buy the former. Terry's agent has sounded, the player will not return to Barcelona, which also means that the contract has not yet expired, he had to continue to rent career.
2, the probability of leaving 80%
After several players who are bound to leave the team, Turan and Samuel are listed as the basic bid farewell to the two players of the Campbell. Turan and Barcelona's hand has been proved unsuccessful, in his red and blue career so far, did not play well the role of MSN helper. It is reported that Turan with Arsenal, Galatasaray, and even super contact in the together, and Barcelona's idea is to earn a lot of money from Turan who, while the club's salary decompression, red Blue Corps psychological price of 30 million euros or so.
After the end of his life in Granada, Samper will return to the pre-season training camp in Barcelona on July 12. But Samper's outlook in Barcelona is not optimistic, coach Barride is calculating how to deal with this teenager. "Daily Sport newspaper" said, in theory, after the end of the season to prepare for the war, Samper will basically be cleaned, but it does not rule out a miracle.
3, the probability of leaving: 40% -50%
The last few players, in the "Daily Sport newspaper" seems, their red and blue prospects are not yet clear. The first is Marty, the French since the Champions League lost to Juventus, never get the opportunity to appear. Barcelona of course want to sell the line of defense bombs, but Mathieu I do not want to leave the team, although the latter got the invitation from Greece and other clubs.
Alex - Vidal also has the possibility of leaving the team. After joining Barcelona, Biedar bad performance was recognized as a parallel to the outside world. But at the beginning of this year, Bidar once became a divider in Barcelona. But suddenly the serious injury, fifa coins online xbox 360 so that direct farewell Baidar this season. It is reported that some of the ball will have contact with Italy, but the players themselves still adhere to the new season will stay in Barcelona.
Dini is the last summer of Barcelona transfer one of the flaws, the French play is not worth the transfer fee of 19 million euros. However, the "Daily Sport newspaper" said that Barride was willing to give Dini opportunity to let the French continue to compete in the left guard position with Alba. The only doubt in Dini's own, for the summer of the World Cup, Dini is willing to start from the bench?
The last one is Rafinha, Rafiniya could have been the core of the future of Barcelona, but often suffered serious injuries, hindering the growth of Rafinha. With the same situation with Dini, Rafiniya in the new season is bound to work for the World Cup, and in Barcelona, Barvade and can not guarantee to his stable main position. It is reported that including Juventus, Rome, Liverpool, including a number of clubs, are interested in Rafiniya.
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