Dry Fountain manufacturers

Dry Fountain manufacturers

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Large dry floor musical water fountain
The dry fountain (The dry fountain is the fountain built underground. All fountain equipment are fixed in the water grooves which digged underground.The top of the grooves will be covered by stainless steel gratings. When the fountain is not working, people can freely walk on the fountain. When the fountain is working, the water jet will come out from the gap of the stainless-steel gratings. This kind of fountain always located in park, garden, public square with plenty walkers)
Dry fountain also called the floor fountain and underground fountain.
It refers to the fountain placed in the underground facility, sprinklers and lighting settings in a mesh cover less. When it sprays water, a jet of water through the cover or granite paving hole erupted to achieve neither accounting leisure space can watch the fountain effect. When it not sprays water, you can walk for pedestrians, not blocking traffic. Dry fountain has higher security than ordinary fountain, which can provide more opportunities for visitors to play near water, people and water were truly play and dance together.
Our Service
We can offer service like: Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Reconstruction and Maintenance.
If you need purchase some fountain equipment: Just send us an inquiry.
If you need do the project, we need the elements below:
1. The CAD Site plan of the fountain project (better show the size and shape of site where you build the fountain, and better show the building, river or road condition of the surroundings).
2. The largest estimated budget you could offer.
3. You just need all fountain equipment or need all series service like installation.
4. If possible, you can send me a video or some picture to help us make the best design for you.
We can offer the best price according to your final design, budget and the fountain effect.Dry Fountain manufacturers
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