Automatic Binding Machine quotation

Automatic Binding Machine quotation

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AP60 Automatic Binding Machine
Product Character:
AppearanceThe new design streamlined appearance, the whole machine is more beautiful, more harmonious.
StructureOriginal internal structure design, the machine is more delicate, lighter.
Electric hot pressingBy pressing the button, it can complete the riveting operation, save time and effort, and greatly improve the working efficiency. In addition, the protection control on the program is effective to avoid the bending of the hole due to hot riveting.
PracticableThe design and production of a new work platform, making the binding work more convenient, added the external tool kit, the use of tools handy, convenient and practical.
DisplayAccording to the loss situation, it is suggested that the user grinds the edge or replace the drill bit and rotate the rubber pad to make the daily maintenance of the machine more simple and convenient.
Temperature ControlWith the latest PTC heating control technology, the temperature is basically constant after preheating.
DurabilityBinding material is nylon raw materials, after the hot riveting molding solid durable, not loose, facilitate long-term archives preservation and search, and insect-resistant, moistureproof, mildew proof, for your information.

Technical Parameters
Binding TypeAutomatic punching/manual feeding/pressing botton binding.
Binding ModelHot riveting of nylon tube by heat pressure.
Binding Scope1~50mm
Bit Diameter6mm
Binding SpeedPunching≤9 S,Punching and Binding≤28 S
Preheating Time4~5 min
Rate of PowerMin:10W Max:400W
Bed Dimension480mm(Width)×200mm(Length)

Scope of Application.
AP60 automatic binding machine is widely used in banking, securities, industry and commerce, taxation and all kinds of enterprises and institutions of the bills, bookbinding, account books, archives etc. It is the ideal choice of the modern office work.Automatic Binding Machine quotation
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