the national convention and exhibition industry

the national convention and exhibition industry

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Perhaps, just like a festival, before you reach an industrial scale or market, you want to be sheltered in the shade of the exhibition. About the convention and exhibition industry The exhibition industry is a small-cap stock that opens various exhibition textbooks and browses various online exhibition economy articles.
Most of the statements about the employees of China's exhibitions are more than 1 million. This number has not been updated for many years. The seemingly vague figures stem from a legend: At the beginning of this century, a small gathering, a leader asked about the situation of China's exhibitions.
When asked about the number of employees in the national convention and exhibition industry, some said 500,000. Some say that 80 million are, some say it seems to be more than one, it should be more than one million, so there are millions of people in China's exhibition and exhibition.
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