New Quick Chat customisation options

New Quick Chat customisation options

Postautor: xingwang » 10 paź 2019, o 05:18

The amend will aswell add added than 20 Attenuate and Absolute Attenuate items as online post-game drops, a trade-in arrangement enabling players to Rocket League Crates bargain assorted items of one aberration blazon for an even rarer one, new corrective items alms colour variations on Barn altar like auto and toppers, and appropriate 'Certified' items that clue in-game stats and admission in authority as those stats go higher.

New Quick-Chat customisation options, new Post-Game celebrations, a new in-game 'Showroom' that enables you to appearance and acquirement exceptional DLC, and the new alpha 'Pillars' amphitheatre with three lanes disconnected by two huge walls at the stadium's centre, will aswell be included with the chargeless Neo Tokyo update. It'll aswell add eight new achievements.
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