Wood floor installed in the house after carefully inspection

Wood floor installed in the house after carefully inspection

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Consumers reflected properly installed on a floor that is not the taste, that it is always some problems. The main reason is that when the floor installation is always easy to be ignored in some places, in the acceptance inspection of some small details are not in place, so after the arrival of the impact, but their quality of life.

1, the threshold is not leaving gaps at the junction

This case some factory-supplied installation method is not detailed enough, the lack of relevant content and requirements; some users do not agree slot reserved that leave unsightly gaps; also some installers not cover in place or trouble. This situation can easily cause the floor bagging and seizing phenomenon.

At the junction of the threshold can be set aside and the gap with a plastic cover shut, the door can be reserved at the entrance slit or open the expansion slot.

2, closet phase at not leaving gaps

Some users believe that gaps remain in the closet phase at the unsightly, but also some flooring installers did not mean to cause problems in the future. So often in the closet, TV cabinet, shoe rack and floor and other phase at not left seam, resulting in floor bagging and seizing phenomenon, serious will closets, TV cabinets and other crowded deformation.

The left seam parts must remain to ensure the expansion and contraction of the floor freedom.

3, reserved for joints of pads, wall and other small cork is not bound by

Such details belong to a small cork example. Small cork is used to locate the first line of action when installing floor after floor installation before installing cork foot line should be excised. If not bound by the limits of the expanded cork floor, leading to bulge and tile floor like deformation occurs.

4, ignoring processing baseboard, not fill nail holes

Baseboard easily be overlooked, but if not handled well, it will affect the overall effect of the decoration. Some have seen the house, design, construction and do not see the problem, but they feel uncomfortable, the expert advice to know is distorted, uneven, nail holes are not smooth inferior baseboard influenced decoration effect.

Blocking the baseboard and the wall between the plate unsightly gaps, to achieve coordinated decorative effect, baseboard can be selected depending on the Door color or color of the floor.

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