WPC decking features

WPC decking features

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A wood floor, played the "waterproof" brand, claiming that their products how strong, how to withstand the "storms" of baptism, <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/3836.html">composite garden fences</a> this time a floor sales soared. However, consumers find, over time, the floor still arched. Zhang forest: wood flooring does have some water resistance, but does not mean that can blister, which is two concepts. On the contrary, some wood-based panels can be with blisters, because, plywood manufacturing process uses a phenolic plastic, and wood flooring is not such a glue. Any floor can not be soaked in water. Businesses play concept is to emphasize that this has a waterproof floor. Antibacterial concept wood flooring is one of the business was the hottest topic of speculation, and some even claimed that can kill all bacteria in the air. Zhang Forest: First, it should be recognized that some floors are indeed having antibacterial function, <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/2128.html">pvc decking cost estimator</a> such as "���� floor", this year awarded a patent antibacterial floor class. However, with antibacterial and antimicrobial function level are two different things, even professional disinfectant is targeted, not all bacteria are effective. Thus, if an individual business ads claimed can kill all bacteria in the air, certainly too far to promote its unrealistic. I think, anti-bacterial floor is there, but not omnipotent, not too much to publicize this floor antibacterial function. At the same time, it also affected the antibacterial effect of bacteria from the floor from the floor using time and other factors, <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/2202.html">wood plastic composites decking</a> it is impossible for a lifetime can be antibacterial. To clarify an understanding, it is anti-bacterial floor first floor, but it comes with anti-bacterial function, therefore, the main function of anti-bacterial floor is the floor, not antibacterial. Also, I am most opposed, and some do not have antimicrobial flooring, fake anti-bacterial floor deceive consumers. Currently, about wood floors E1 and E0 environmental standards very intense debate points clear opposition, today. Supporters say, E0 standard helps to promote the advancement of technology standards and improve industry; <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/3398.html">cheapest place to buy decking</a> opponents argued, E1 standards are sufficient to ensure the health of consumers, merchants play "E0" brand is undoubtedly a show.
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